DAX Indices Day Trade 10th March – Too Easy to be Negative

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The markets have been crazy the past couple of weeks. Volatility is way up. My approach has been one of caution (as always).

This week I took Monday off after the large gap down from the weekend. My first trade was the Tuesday on Dax going counter trend. In this video I take you through the trade and also explain how easy it is to be a negative trader (and why you shouldn’t be!)

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Luigi Simoncini says:

going long on stock indexes these days? balls of steel! Pity you didn't share your analysis…

MartinJG100 says:

That's a relief, James. Glad to hear I'm not the only with masochistic tendencies. I guess it's born out of that 'I must do better' mentality :).

Sparro says:

Having my best ever year. Rinse …repeat…look for the same thing over and over. Just under 6% for the month. Like you I have been adjusting position size as markets are VERY volatile!
Fantastic trade James!

TM says:

nice one as always.

DMT Truth says:

Great video. Love the Gers top 👏

y zhou says:

yeah, happen to me as well, always stick to the plan, you cannot make more money than you understand

Darren Brown says:

Great video and pointers as always…
Keen to get your views on the market fundamentals at the moment….
I know your technical based as am I, but I thinks its important to understand both sides of the coin.

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