DAX scalping strategy – 9 minutes trade and done for the day!

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Hi guys,

In this short video, I show you a quick scalp that I traded live on LFT trading room.

It was a trade with less than 10 minutes, that gave us 10 full points trading #DAX.

That’s what you need to trade for a living.

You don’t need to have trades running for hours or days or weeks that can be affected by news releases and other factors making the trade come back to you and give you losses after hours or days running.

You just need to know what are the best times to trade and use them in your favor.

Keep your strategy simple!

The less time you are exposed to the market, the less chance you have to get stopped.
The shorter your targets, the easier it is to predict what is going to happen in the market.

I also use this same strategy to trade stocks at New York open. And you can trade as little as 1 minute per day!

How crazy is that?

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Thanks for watching.

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