DAX Trading For Making Money Easily Using Support and Resistance

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In this tutorial you will learn how to make at least 50 pips per day just day trading this DAX Income Optimiser Strategy so at £2 per pip that’s £100 per day or £500 per week and tax free for UK residents. I talk about why it is so important to know where Support and Resistance levels are on your trading chart. You have to be artful when you execute the trade so you limit the amount of pips you risk whilst aiming for a key target. The reward here was big for the small risk taken on this trade. Check the wider timeframes and then zoom in to the short timeframes to enter the trade early whilst also knowing when to get out early. Then during the open trade use the other timeframes as confirmation that the price action is building momentum. In this example the DAX was falling but eventually it did find support so I knew instinctively that this was a good time to take a small amount of profit before the DAX went back up. Knowing when to take profit is just as important as where to execute the trade.


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