Day 1: $1,000 to $20,000 Challenge | Daily Recap Trading Penny Stocks

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delano Mims says:

wtf are you guys doing if you wanna learn and be a real day trader on penny stocks go watch timothy Sykes or Ross from warrior trader who has already turned 500 dollars to 100 thousand dollars in 5 months this guy's is not trading the right stocks for you guys to grow your account the way you can or want to

perromojado69 says:

I lost $4.00 with Robin hood to not being able to day trade! It sucked because you just sit there and see your account drop!

Alex711 says:

Robinhood is a joke of a broker.

Tommy Hare says:

>giving advice

Best Screenwriting Books says:

wait i'm not sure what i'm watching.

SilkSatin Paradise says:

The last time I was with Fidelity, they charge something like $20 per trade. I do not remember exactly how much but it was ridiculous. How much is it now? I am now with Interactive Brokers and their commissions are super low.

Crazy Money says:

how can i join the $1000 challenge group chat?

Joker says:

Are you locked out of Robinhood?

christian6388 says:

opinions on CIE?

Laurent Telmosse says:

I live in Canada but robinhood hasnt come here yet.. I hope it's coming soon

Ted Walsh says:

you should probably pray to your god motherfucker

Christian de Oliveira says:

Why did it not let you sell?

Ted Walsh says:

I'll knock out your fucking teeth queer your just a bitch boy

Adam Garza says:

What is that noise in the background. sounds like you are recording in a commerical kitchen or someone is lifting weights. plates are rattling.

Conrad Daggett says:

Loving the videos man, keep up the good work. Definitely my go to right now.

skateinge says:

i like your videos! i started a new account with $500 about 2 months ago now im at $1300. im doing the challenge with you !!!

Andrew240197 says:

Why not just use Suretrader? Yes there are commissions but you could get around the PDT rule.

ja201764 says:

Awesome to see that you are helping other people Ricky. From explaining certain aspects of stock trading to actually putting yourself onto our level. I hope to join all of you in Tech Buds Solutions soon.

#MichaelDelgado says:

Robinhood​ not good think or swim is better

jclbuxfan says:

Is there an Mma fight going on in the background ?

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