Day 1 + 70.oo Trading A Small Account Of $625.26 Using Options

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An Introduction To Trading OPTIONS in A Small account Of $ 625.29
Stock Trading and Investing is extremely risky and you can lose your entire capital and more. This video is for educational purposes only and No financial advice is being given of any sort. Please contact a financial advisor to better assist you.

I would like to share with you the journey of trading a small account using OPTIONS.

This is a real account and in my videos I will show you the difference between a real account and a paper, “Simulated”, practice account.

This account originally started with
$ 1,000.oo of real money

It is extremely important to be transparent. I will do my best to post a video every time I enter a trade.

You will see the results of all my trades and you can keep track of the performance and the “Account Value”. I will have losing trades which will have a “Stop Loss”. The longterm goal is to make this account GROW !

Thank you for your time.


Trade Small THINK BIG says:

I have been Trading Options for a while, The platform used to execute trades in this video is "ThinkorSwim" they are always in the Top 5 in platforms for trading for over 10 years.

Trading and investing are 2 different styles. But more importantly trade companies you know, aaple,IBM, Nike, anything that's known.

Let me know what questions you have about options and I will do my best to answer


klong says:

Great video what how long have you been trading options and are you affiliated with any stock or option trading sites?

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