Day In The Life With Successful Day Trader and CEO Kunal Desai (Full Documentary)

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The official day in the life documentary video for successful day trader and CEO Kunal Desai. We spend a day with Kunal and get to learn his morning routine, watch him trade, get to ride in his Porsche and boat, and we get to watch him teach his bootcamp class.

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Q8 Fly says:

Annoying driver.just keep it in auto

Dr. Ng says:

Leveraged 3X's? LOL ;)

Lynxity says:

i wanna learn from you how much does your class or lessons cost??? I wanna do well in the market but I dont know what im doing…i wanna know what the lines mean and how to know where the trend will go or weather to hold overnight or not

Martin Ivanov says:

What do you think about cfd trading? I'd like to know your opinion about it. Do you think all this cfd platforms are trusty? IG Markets, Plus500, etc…Thanks in advance! :)

Comission general says:

hes fake asf, look at his shit house and his small boat that he calls it rich, see his 911 car its old,not that expensive hes just playing you all lol

BananaBread says:

Intro song?

Chris Mccullough says:

They are blessed and seem down to earth

Jack Kerouac says:

Utter bullshit

Andre Schneider says:

what do you think is his average return per month? percentage wise

Mike L says:

all scams be carefu

Kent Esden says:

18:00 I fee you bro.
On the same road man. Nice video!

Dub C says:

What do day traders contribute to the world

RobRobsie says:

song at 14:00 ?

Nepali Guy says:



HarshRea says:

hey man bigups on a great video!

Foley's Fitness Channel says:

Bro always hit the gym first get them gains then that $$$

Charles Bird says:

Rented car, rented boat. Just another scheme to peddle your product.

Kevin McCallister says:

must be fun doing your taxes

porscheoscar says:

reminiscences of a stock operator. read that it again. all successful investors have read the lessons and warnings in this book.

Roman _ says:

pump and dump…kunal got into the game at the right time praying off kids in college and others without real jobs. he announces he buys a stock, hundreds of his followers pump the stock up all the while he's selling. there's a lot of free information out there. no reason to fund this guys dream lifestyle while you do the heavy lifting.

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