Day trade – Live Trade emini SP 500 on Oct-3-2013 Day Trade The Markets

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Day Trading

This a video of a live trade taken on Oct 3-2013 in the emini SP 500 stock index futures market.
Using the software we were able to identify, in realtime, the market’s rejection of the support area. The area of support was established about 2 weeks ago which was known going into the trading day today. So this is from our analysis using the market profile, not from our day trade them markets software, which is used primarily to drill down within the trading day to find excellent trade entry locations.

The day trade the markets software made it very easy to identify the rejection of the sellers at the support area by the buyers. Once this rejection was confirmed the long trade was entered. Very little drawdown, just 1 point and then a nice 5 point + rally. Site:


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