DAY TRADE UK- How to Trade the DAX and make £1000 profit from two trades “200 pips”in a few hours

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“Learn how to trade the German DAX” in Week 2 of the DAX Income Optimiser Eight Week Masterclass
In my trading course you will learn my step by step process of “How to Trade for Profit” but here is a short preview. This is my Mushroom Omelette “Financial Trading Strategy” where the two trades were made using different stategies within the DAX Income Optimiser System. You will see where the DAX was sold at the best possible price from a level of resistance on the “One hour Financial Trading chart” and using the 2 minute timeframe and the 5 minute timeframe for the second trade. You will learn “How to manage the trade” from start to finish and why the strategy was named after a mushroom omelette! Importantly you will see how the risk was taken off the table as soon as possible and the key target levels for “big profits”. The first trade took 100 pips banking £500 and the second trade an additional 100 pips banking a further £500 at a different target point which was a key support level. Notice how the money was made between the resistance and support levels (not where people think they are!). You will see how my secret weapon was used to potent effect and how I applied absolute discipline and discretion to keep me in the trade to milk 200 pips of profit whilst maintaining total control from entry to exit.
So you will see where to sell at the best price, where to move the stop before leaving your trading screen and where to take profit. In this case Profit x 2. The system is rule based and automated although you still have discretion and flexibilty to change target points providing you are in a winning position. In other words all risk must be off the table so you can then just focus on maximising profits and adjusting your money making machine behind the price action.


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