Day Traders & Options Traders EXPOSED – The TRUTH about Options Trading & Day Trading

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If you are a beginner trader OR ADVANCED or have been looking into how you can trade for a living or to replace your income you must watch. I expose the truth and the common misconception people have about trading. If you are looking to trade simply to quit your job, trading is not for you. Options, penny stocks and day trading lure people in with the illusion that they can work from home and make millions online. This isn’t it true. Is it possible? Yes. Is it probable? Not at all. Can you make millions of dollars trading stocks? Yes. Can you do it in less than a year or two? NO! It takes years of investing an proper financial management to get to that level. You will not learn that in a hot-pocket style trading education course of following someone else’s trade alerts.

I get it. It sounds nice an the appeal of nice things an working for half the day on your computer from home sounds great. However, this flaw in ourselves to look for the easy way out and simplify is what a lot of people prey upon. However, it is not the scammers fault, IT IS YOURS. Now it is not to say these trading gurus and trading mentors aren’t doing anything wrong. However, look to yourself first as they are preying on people with these desires to make quick money and get rich quick. This applies to the people who trade already as well too. People fall in love with the idea of “working” in the stock market trading options or penny stocks or becoming a pro day trader, an this leads them into trouble. I don’t want to ramble on too much here so I encourage you to watch the entire video!

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Davis Greene says:

fuck you. this video gay as fuck

Andrew Fogg says:

"The more you fuck without a condom the more likely you are to get an STD." Well said good sir, well said.

Gleason Simpson says:

I almost had to pause this video to comment on all the things wrong that you say guy. Instead, I'm not wasting my time on you lol – GL to ll your followers / students / whatever the hell you call them.

G M says:

and what if you can't find a job?

Von HB says:

if youre making money, youre working

Adrian Burton says:

A day trader who has had sustained success in the market would refrain from this type of talk. He strictly equates execution on trades to "working." The work goes in well before you just push the button. You need to analyze things, use critical thinking skills, emotional intelligence and many more skills the common man lacks. It is work and I'm baffled by this guys ignorance. Always try something for yourself and see where you end up, don't follow the negativity. 🙂 #TransparencyTrust

collin shumaker says:

your videos are awesome man, I'm trying to learn all I can about investing before I go balls deep in the market, any book recommendations?

b Burns says:

Appreciate the straight forward no bullshit facts. I'm putting myself through college debt free and saving up money from the army reserves and learning as much as I can about trading, investing, and economics. I plan on learning for a couple years non stop before I dabble in and trade and also purchase my first real estate property before I graduate

Ali Larki says:

Hi Josh been following your work since day one. Keep up with the good messages!

choolwe kanini says:

I've done a lot of research on the riskiest investment instruments, and it's always either penny stocks or options. A lot of professional websites such as investepedia and wallstreet journal haven't even put forex on the list of dangerous investments. But options and penny stock are listed. I have respect for you TF, what do you think about this?

Achraf Gaizi says:

Hey, I enjoyed most of your videos! Maybe all of them but this one. I really don't get your point into criticizing trading as a job. Technology has changed the world and has given a chance to people all over the world to make a part of the economy. Trading has become online to make it easier and much more accessible to all who wants to trade. Sorry, but you can't just come and start saying you can't quit your job to trade. Maybe for some people who aren't yet experienced and knowledgeable about the financials markets, but for people who are working hard, trying to make a change in their life, become successful as traders. That's not true at all, anyone who has a desire to success will never fail as long as he/she never gives up even if he /she dies, he will still never failed. This to clarify that if a person is well dedicated and persistent can become a successful trader!
Secondly, maybe what you trying to say is not relying on trading as 100%, that's so true. In this economy, people should focus on income, anything that gives income is the best way to make money. Then, that money can be invested if possible!
Thank you

choolwe kanini says:

So it's impossible for you to earn good money day trading because the markets are fundamentally built against you. I'm curious how did you begin trading and how did you get to where you are? Because judging by your age I highly doubt you traded the long term warren buffet way, even with a $10 000 trading acc gaining a constant 20% per year, it's virtually impossible for you to acquire the cars and houses shown in your videos without some sort of day trading strat. And Tim what are thoughts on Tim Sykes showing his tax returns and his trading account being verified on covester. I'm not trying to bash you or nothing I'm just curios about you. Because in order to listen to someone you need to be sure that they are verified and actually know what there talking about, again I'm not trying to bash you.

Bowtiekindaguy says:

A few years ago i would have said the same and that the market was random. Heres a freebie this is how i started with consistency… calls when futures are high and price opens above previous day high… puts when futures are weak and price opens lower than previous days low. That only happens a few days out of the month but its consistent just check your chart and backtest b4 you respond.

Bowtiekindaguy says:

He doesn't sound confident in tge market…..i place "1" trade with options a week and get anywhere from 2500 to 5000 consistently. He sounds like i did b4 i found a consistent strategy.

PaiNExoTiC says:

Srry bt the only traders I trust are people who arent trying to sell me a system or course. Ive noticed that real successful traders dont need courses because they make alot of money from actually trading and money made courses would be merely peanuts. Alot of successful traders will teach you for free or atleast point you to some reliable sources of where they learned. I woukdnt advise anyone to pay for courses. Just start with babypips and find REAL traders who arent trying to sell you something.

Andre C says:

Great video!!

Andre C says:

In regards to what you're saying, what do you have to say about guys like Timothy Sykes and his student Tim Grittani that made this their only job and became very successful?

MrMaier3000 says:

The goal should be to make money trading and create (at least that's my goal) other sources income…. Off course you shouldn't quit your job after making $5000 from the stock market but I believe if you consistently making profits with a really good strategy and you account is reaching $100,000, I would strongly suggest to quit your day job and stick to trading.. ijs.

Edward Hutchinson says:

Man I just want to say thank you because ur YouTube videos are the reason Ive really started looking into options trading but I'm just not sure what I should focus on first because when u said if u have not started trading u won't advice it now. But this would be around the time I had started learning about economics and options trading

ivan coronel says:

thumbs up man, Our rewards in life will always be in exact proportion to our contribution

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