Day Trading Complete Guide Day 9: Float & Volume

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l82 says:

Hey Sean,
You should use the “Turbo Man effect”😂 Look it up on google. It is an Arnold Schwarzenegger movie 🍿 from the 90’s and you can see the same analogy like that Xbox example and it’s so true 😃 Thanks for the education man. L

maxmiami 305 says:

Clearly broken down, thanks.

bike offrd1 says:

Thank you DekmareTrades for Guide Day 9 training video! Filling in the gaps with knowledge appreciate it. . My account is green thanks to the Best trading chat room out there.

Auto Chris says:

If you wanna learn from someone who gets straight to the point and explains the stock market to you like a 4th grader sign up at tradecaster ,trade with Dek and thank me later .

Jeremy B says:

Great lesson Dek! Very important saying… volume = activity= profit

Monty Williams says:

Another great video. Thanx

Daniels says:


mrjoefly1 says:

Fuck off dekmar there is nothing to learm in your shitty ass overhype 30min rant

megan levi says:

Great video dekmar your videos was recommended to me by Mrs Allen.

Tadej Topič says:

Great video 🙂

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