Day Trading Crude Oil 1 Tick TOO Many

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Yes, by jove 1 Tick does make a difference!

Today, I was daytrading crude oil on the day after rollover. I have been of the opinion the Friday of rollover is a very tough day to trade, if you are trying to catch a trend. And I am also of the opinion, the Monday after rollover is another tough day to try to catch a trend in the market.

Lots of chop in my trading morning as I go 4 trading losses in a row and hit my daily loss limit … but exceed it by one tick and this would knock me out of the combine at TST.

I am still working on my trading strategy and the parameters to make it work in the trading rules imposed by Top Step Trader (TST). The age old question arises once again … how many trading losses in a row should you trade before shutting it down.

Today, I had 4 trading losses in a row and get knocked out of my practice trading combine by 1 tick. Now, I am working against my trailing max drawdown vs the $3,000 profit on the trading account in the simulated practice account.

This is not the way I want to make this trading strategy work … what I know is any trading method or strategy is only as good as the operator putting it into work.

God Bless and Good Trading,

David AKA Tiger

Yes, by jove 1 Tick does make a difference!


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