Day Trading Crude Oil December 13th 2017 Plus 5 Ticks

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Day Trading Crude Oil December 13th 2017 Plus 5 Ticks:

Today is Crude Oil Inventory report trading day. I will be day trading in the crude oil futures market right around 9:30AM CST plus a minute (give or take).

I ran with a 11 to 12 tick stop loss with no more than 3 trades today. Officially, I had 3 trades with 2 losses for 15 ticks and one win for 20 ticks.

The crude oil futures market had what I call a TieBreaker Scenario on the inventory report today.

I wanted to make sure I had enough momentum to take on a trade today with the price action in the CL futures market.

My sole winning trade was to be short at 9:48AM CST at 5717. The trade exit was 5697 at 10:07AM CST for a gain of 20 ticks or 200 dollars.

This was the last trade for the year for me in the funded account here at TopStepTrader (TST).

For the month of December I had 20 trades for an overall gain of 88 ticks or $880 before commissions day trading crude oil futures.

Go Steelers Beat Patriots!!

Good Trading,

Dave Knight

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al karg says:

a lot of wasted time on catering to, answering, "negative people." Don't know why most do this….be it on FB, Twitter, etc. Best to cater to your supporters. (negative = destructive critics; Positive/supportive = constructive critics). I ask Q's. If someone takes them wrong way it's on them. If they take it right way, communication, learning takes place….for both parties.

Carry on David….to those who wish to learn, grow. Simple.

K . G. Zeus says:

'atta boy David…lets stay focused on those higher time frames and ride those big swings..happy holidays..!

Bryant McPherson says:

Thanks for the entertainment, thanks for being there! Enjoy the break.

Bill 777 says:

David, going from scratch trader to master trader in 2018!!!

Bill 777 says:

David, have a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!!

Carpet Hooligan says:

Happy Holidays!

Kipp Trummel says:

happy holidays

drewhart2 says:

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you and your family. Thanks for the videos; I usually learn something and I find them inspiring. See you next year.

David Knight says:

Dick Mazen is in TIMEOUT until NEXT Year!!

David Smith says:

Merry Christmass David!

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