Day Trading Emini Futures Trade Setup That Works Daily

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Day Trading Emini Futures – Learn how to get my FAVORITE trade setup for FREE here:

Here’s a great day trade setup that works on E-mini futures and also stocks. It sets up most every day like clockwork (literally because it’s a “time of day” trade.

Enjoy the video! Leave your questions and comments below.


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Barry Burns
Top Dog Trading
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Day Trading Emini Futures


Bobby Calleigh says:

Thanks enjoyed this video simple yet powerful ..thanks Barry!

*9$/2$C.e?nt#3. says:

JUMP TO 4:07 before that hes just blabbering shit!

Chris Noland says:

Hi Barry — For this setup, how do you have your Bollinger Bands setup? Thanks.

Dustin Wilson says:

Can you provide this chart type? I'm new to trading I'd like to get this chart.

Max Truth says:

East coasters.Why wake up in the morning ?

ABZ ABBY says:

Dr. would you recommend this strategy trading at the open or before lunch time in any market?

Danno Jdrsm says:

thank you !!! makes a lot sense

Tom 34 says:

Keep up the good work and help to others.

Tom 34 says:

Thanks. This is very helpful!!!

sebastin a says:

thank u sir, the signal for down trend is good

Jason van Vuuren says:

No bullshit just great advice. I just set it up on my chart and you can definitely see where velocity increases at certain times throughout the day. I'm from South Africa so the times are different than your examples obviously, but work just as well.

Thank you.

Nigel Mason says:

If you are searching for gold, it really helps if you can find out where
to dig your hole! Another free nugget from Barry! Thanks again for your
guidance Barry

Sandiakira Pagalla says:

I was so much greatful that find you on youtube. You explain it very well and easy to understand. I like you bollingger video. You are legend!

srinivasa reddy says:

Excellent Video Mr.Barry.

Ollie Oladele says:

Thanks Barry, I'll look for this setup daily, it works out at about 6.15pm UK time so it's a convenient end of trading day trade to look for. Of course,I'll trade your course method with cycle and momentum indicators, a course I highly recommend!!!

Ze Toino says:

thank you very much topdogtranding for all of the videos you made for us and all of the knowledge you are sharing.***

Simon Bialecki says:

Hi Barry, I've been studying your methodology for about 7 months. I am ready to start paper trading but I am not sure what I should trade. I have some background in Options. I also have no clues how to trade futures and forex but that is something I would like to learn. Any information on where we could learn forex and futures? thanks

Bill Archival says:

Thanks Again Dr. Barry for confirmation on a solid Day pattern. Also works for Stocks & Options! Cheers to creating Abundance for the Self Directed Retail Trader.

Heinrich van Rooi says:

Barry your work is GREAT and its worth of the best

Robert Karman says:

I always learn something new.Thank You

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