Day Trading Emini s&p 500 futures using Swing Strategy

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Close No guessing on which market to trade, Emini Swing Strategy is designed to trade the Emini S&P 500 futures market. You get the indicators that drive the chart alerts/arrows, allowing you to identify the buy and sell signals one full bar before the chart alerts. Emini Swing Strategy controls risk with two stop losses, a daily stop loss and a weekly stop loss allowing you to cut you loses and let your winners run. Emini Swing Strategy settings never change. The track record includes trading commissions and the track record has been reduced by 30%.


BMWild90 says:

I've got it sorted now, averaging 400-500 pips a week easily. It's all about the right system. The system I use always has consistent results. Watch this video –>

ThumperOne says:

your website doesn't even exist…what a jokee…

yrfus says:

Should we trust you?

Any trial ? Real live?

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