Day Trading Film Session Ep. 1: Gaps, pullbacks, and bottoms!

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Recently I started a new webinar series called “Film Session.” The way the film session works is I go over recorded trades and try to learn from them. Think of it like an athlete who watches game film to prepare for an upcoming game.

One of the coolest things about my site is that all of my trades are recorded, so I can go back and watch them later! This allows me to learn from my successes and failures because I get to see exactly what I did (or didn’t do) during a trade. I’m happy to present the first installment in this new series!

You can find timestamps in (00:00) so you can jump exactly to the section you’re most interested in:

1) Trading a gap higher in GOOGL on 12/29/15 (01:11)
2) Trading a pullback in AMZN on 12/29/15 (16:40)
3) Identifying an intraday bottom in NFLX on 12/28/15 (34:15)

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