Day Trading for $163,000 in 30 Minutes as the Stock Market Crash

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Live Day Trading Stocks – Shorting TESLA, Byond and more as the market continue to crash! How to make money by day trading for $163,000 in l30 minutes! Meir Barak live day trading on February 28th. 2020.

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Muhammad Naeem says:

are you paper trading or live account? trading 8k shares of TSLA without emotions is insane..Only Robots can do that.

Fire GG says:

Hi meir i am young kid 13 years old i didnt understnad what are CFDs stocks i have learned from you a lot!
Btw i am from isreal hope you to answer me thank you!
You are awesome

Ehud Krispil says:

Great – what inspire me the most is your discipline:
. Execute the trades according to your business model
. Trigger stop loss without hesitation
. Not affected by the PNL
. Solid emotional control

Nishikant Raje says:

Hello Meir, have a quick question ..when day trading which pivot point indicator time frame should be used

Decebalus Florei says:

Hi Meir, so when the new updated platform comes out we will finally be able to go more than 10000 shares at a time ? I ask because in wsdt I lost a lot of money because I was only capable of buying 10k at a time.

מאיר כחלון says:

Can you show your acc let’s say one or two years, and not only the winnings day , pls ?

Imar Daharan says:

גדול!!! מקשיב לערוץ היו-טיוב שלך. נרשמתי לאתגר. למעשה אני רואה שלמרות הנסיון שלי כסוחר אופציות והידע שיש לי בשיטה הטכנית יש לי עוד הרבה ללמוד. אני רואה את הטרייד שלך ולרוב אני לא הייתי עושה אותו. מענין אם אפשר ללמוד ולשכפל את מה שאתה עושה. זאת העבודה הכי מגניבה שיש (לדעתי) אני קורא כרגע את הספר שלך the market whisperer. עברת תקופה קשה. אבל כמו שאומרים מעז יצא מתוק… המון הצלחה ואני מקווה ללמוד מספיק כדי להצטרף.

Jaime Eee says:

Awesome day! What's your buying power?

edmoala says:

What trading platform or software do you use? Which broker?

Wise man says:

@TradenetGlobalUK Hey meir, let me borrow an intro account 😁, that would be a great help.

אנוש קוק says:

Best month in your life i believe?

JAYER _OZ says:

Let’s not forget that your trading with millions in Leverage so really you only made a few %

Cody Stephenson says:

Congrats by the way that's unreal

Cody Stephenson says:

Is that the new tefs order windows?

Simon says:

Curious what trading platform is being used here. Colmex?

Stars Galaxies says:

you are a Trading Super Human. Love how you talk to stocks "come to papa". It's almost like you control your positions with your mind. I lost 54K in day trading and stopped in 2016. Scarred for life and never want to enter stock market again

vaughan adams says:

Beautiful Meir. Its unbelievable what can be achieved in the markets. Hope you have a great weekend


Pleasure for my eyes 👍

Alan Guo says:

meir, i'm confused by your rationale for increasing your risk during times of high volatility. higher volatility inherently implies greater uncertainty in terms of direction. these are times where it seems sensible to reduce position size, not increase them. i feel like we could've easily seen sudden reversals, turning green trades into red trades. such was the case on friday, which i'm sure many people were expecting continuation, but they probably got burned by the whipsaw. Can you explain this a little more?

Raw Tradez says:

Awesome Meir!! I wanted to ask you, with your recent big trades, are you trading with regular Stocks or are you still trading CFD’s?

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