Day Trading for $2,300 & Learn the Gap & Go Strategy

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Live Day Trading Stocks – How to make money by day trading stocks – $2,300 and learn how to trade a Gap and Go. Meir Barak day trading live on March 13th. 2019.

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Meir Barak - Tradenet Day Trading Academy says:

Hi traders, questions? Comments?

Alex Winkler says:

There's something about this that brings me joy

Red Moon Legacy says:

I would like to thank you Meir because you showed me how to use Level 2 when shorting the stock market 😏

Sergio Mauricio Conde Santos says:

Muy buen video, veo que trabaja con level 2, gabs, sesgo y sobre todo soporte resistencia en base a dirección spy. Poder de compra alto.

Gimash Dias says:

Love how you anticipate these moves. I'm new and was about to trade PDD but was sitting on my hands. I would like to know an estimate % of how Gap & Go strat has worked out for you (provided it's a gap greater than 5%). Thank you so much for these videos once again ♥.

Serg says:

Good morning Meir, I wanted to ask you about SFIX trade, you got it at 31.85 it moved a little bit lower but then it continued higher and made a higher low, when it broke resistance level at 32.75 plus or minus why you still were in till 33? I know that its a whole number, but it already was up trending. Did you think it will bounce lower? I just want to understand your RR ratio in this trade, thank you for the answer:)
I very like the way you trade!

Arlette Darty says:

Great video thank you Meir

Make it easy says:

Come to papa, absolute legend lol

McGill says:

What is this thumbnail

Day Chen says:

you do not have short sale restriction for FDD ?

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