Day trading NASDAQ stocks — $1,083 in 1 hour — Meir Barak

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Learn day trading strategies for NASDAQ stocks. Follow a full-time professional trader. This is day trading live video — August 5, 2013 covering a trading day of Meir Barak a Tradenet instructor ended up with a profit of $1,083. Watch all my videos at:
Learn day trading strategies for the NASDAQ trading.
Day trading in stocks on Wall Street. Meir Barak trades together with Tradenet’s internet trading room in real-time so that you can get a full view of his trading screens. A must see for all capital market lovers, investors and traders. Educational as well as mesmerizing!
In order to become a successful NASDAQ trader and effective in day trading, you require to practice trading on daily basis. There are an abundance of methods to make money in trading. The simplest way to make income online is to comply with a basic, established and predictable trading system.


Daniel Almeida says:

I once made this in a day then lost a few days later. 😛

Varoo nen says:

is their any free software am new to this

Better At Life says:

Who's your broker?

Dan S says:

Could u also comment on the computer/monitor configuration?

Dan S says:

What softwares/brokerage are you using? I am from Canada?

alexandersemen says:

what happens if your internet goes out?

feedmeee says:

How much do u pay for commission?

Charles Fuller says:

what platform are you trading on

Alfredo Suasnabar says:

Hi Meir, thanks for your videos. I am new into trading and was wondering what platform and broker would you recommend using for day trading of stocks?

Paul W says:

Great videos! I'm located in the states, and have been eyeing CFD trading as a potential. Is there a process to using uk brokers, or just waiting for the proper exchanges to open?

Stephen Miller says:

After you buy back a short is there anything else you must do to return the shares to your broker?

ImC00LyourNOT says:

hey what about swing margin with them, lets say i put in like $5,000 hpow much overnight margin can you get with them?

Lamay Music says:

wow! your an inspiration to this new trader!! Thanks for the vids!

Ventsislav Petrov says:

Hi there, can ask you how much money you have put in the account to be able to trade these positions ? I live in Barcelona,Spain and I am looking forward to start trading again, but acctualy don't know how much money to put in the account this time (never blow up my previous accounts on forex, just feel that I don't make enough money)

Norbert Rabi says:

have you had losing day at all?

fkh35 says:

How do you know that the stock is going to fall.? What indicators do you use ? Thanks.

pequi99 says:

enjoy your vacation!

FallingLeaf says:

Have a great vacation.

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