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Grant Smith says:

Ha ha ha ha I told you I would be back to tell you you were wrong about Tesla. Hahahaha

Mikael Hyytiäinen says:

How is S&P 500 going to 2323 exactly? I mean wouldn't that require a totally new crisis, or basically Buffett selling all of his Apple shares (but he does not know how to push the sell button or what that even is). Math is/was pretty clear how S&P 500 got down ~300 points to ~2600 levels, by selling the overbought and overvalued Amazon big time as well as tech/momentum stocks, but it's very unclear to me how S&P still going further 300 points (FB already fell hugely long ago and was already revalued with lower expectations, and probably has relatively good earnings w/ 0 debt coming…). I'd guess during next weeks before elections: at most February 2018 lows retest(s) at ~2532 and then the after Halloween effect rally Nov-Dec. to or a bit over 200 MA for a while (just like early 2016). And then late this–early next year will be heading much lower and further into bearmarket… There's always people at the current bottom guessing that the real bottom will be much lower, as well as at the top.

Mikael Hyytiäinen says:

Based on the "Bitcoin indicator" applied before (with varying success), I believe that in S&P 500 levels there's going to be a retest of Feb 2018 lows (~2532) that will hold, and then it's going to bounce up with the seasonal Nov-Dec. rally, the "halloween effect" (in this early bearmarket) at least up to 200 MA but probably above that deceptively, maybe even up to 50 MA, and then at the year's end — early next year the US indexes will continue to drop slowly for next year(s?), as the interest rates continue to rise and trade wars tariffs persist. Probably no further big crash will follow for a while, due to money being transferred into value stocks, i.e. nobody's panicking really and going to cash or gold big time. Maybe next week will decide decisively, or maybe there's still going to be an attempted retest of Feb 2018 lows week after, with a slightly higher low, and just after elections the bounce will begin. Maybe Apple (and FB earnings?) will slow the decline decisively. Already when looking at the last S&P 500 daily candle (26.10.2018), there's resistance and bearish indecision/exhaustion to be seen at the bottom…

"Bears and bulls make all the money, pigs get slaughtered". It's also been said "don't bet against the market after Halloween, or the bear will kick you to your balls" (paraphrasing), and "it's always payed off to buy on Halloween". It's actually very risky and scary to try to short this much further, after a so big drop already, just like buying at the top. Seems to me that there's most manipulation and surprises at the top or bottom (short squeezes etc.).

Well, what do I know… But still not totally convinced about your course and long term alerts, as I feel your company is under staffed and most of your attention goes to VIP subscribers, and besides your long term alerts price has soared to 5x already from $99. I might need some actual practice before trying anything so new and risky as options trading… Option Alpha seemed like an interesting place for a beginner to practice. Currently using Arora Report for stocks (free trial ending soon), and they don't seem worried about further big drops ahead. Already the good GDP number slowed the decline.

jake s says:

I had a 20 min coaching scheduled for 1 pm today and know one contacted me, I rescheduled another one for sunday at 6pm. Hopefully i get contacted

Mario Smack says:

On Monday, will Amazon gap up or gap down?

Fidel English says:

After almost blowing up my Robinhood account which I started back in April trying to make it grow, I switched over to Tastyworks to do options primarily. I add $50 to $100 bucks a week, I am saving up… These videos have helped me in some ways of how I look at the charts. I am interested in the charts course but I can't afford it right now but I will sign up for it when I can.

Dirk Brock says:

Another great video — I got the old nasty #11 in my iPhone now!!

Dave Thomas says:

I fill out the survey of my past trading history and was schedule for a phone call tuesday and it never happen. Was really looking foward to it

LARB A says:

You are the best Mr. Leonardo, you changed my life and that of other traders. Looking forward to more great days. There will always be bumps on the road, we move on, just like any other business. Can't thank you enough. Thank you, sir.

Tamba Niare says:

I bought a put on tsla today at 317 strike price. What do you think about it. Expire 11/2/2018

Laterius Johnson says:


Antonio Niculae says:

I wish I could get your course and your alerts….I only made 100$ today and my total budget is 2500 now…. every video you make helps me,, so thank you! Maybe one day I can save enough to get it.

camilo castiblanco says:

Thanks, for all the knowledge and transparency, you are a great trader.

Neel Patel says:

It's okay Leonardo, I still made 598% and 527% on Spy and Amazon puts. The best thing is to size small and you can hold longer.

Chaim Aaron says:

Just joined the trading group! Loving this knowledge. Thanks LEO

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