Day Trading Order Flow 2

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This video gives strategies on how to use filled vs unfilled volume candlesticks when trading the timeframe of your choice. We also go over more examples of using the trade counter in order to take positions opposite the retail crowd.

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Disclaimer: The content covered in this video is NOT investment advice and I am not a financial advisor. The material covered within these videos is for educational purposes only. Always do your own research and only invest based on your own findings and personal judgment. Happy Trading!


luisito says:

Great examples ,no Your 10 millions dóllar example rememeber this . In Order for market to have buyers we need seller in reality those 10 millions were sold

Taylor Mejía says:

All the tutorials of this platform are in English. We are many who do not know English but we understand the potential of this platform. The subtitles are not well translated and little is understood. Please translate the video into Spanish and upload it to the channel.I would thank you eternally

جو جو says:

so we should use support and resistance in conjuction with the trend and enter based on order flow?

hp says:

Nice work – Would you mind me asking where you learned about VP and Tensor Charts?

Johnny G says:

So I a newbie. So keen to learn about volume and volume profile. I use volume in my trading all the time. This is only my second day waiting your videos. Can you please direct me to more info. How can I become as knowable on these two awesome subjects.

Johnny G says:

Ok dude your awesome. How do I get you to teach me?

Leon says:

Another golden video, thank you!

OGF says:

The example at 20:30 seemed to break past a double top resistance, i guess this is when you wait for the next candlestick? That particular example though seems to a be a bit dangerous to assume it would be the market top, or actually since the counter ratio remained crazy green but the price just moved sideways that was the sign that it was the top? Also it is definitely imperative that the counters ratio has high liquidity. I believe you can have a counters ratio of 5 but still have very little volume, which makes it meaningless.

DDdemin says:

Super helpful video, I'm becoming a better trader, thanks to your videos.

Parthiban Rajendran says:

So for buying we should look for filled red candle after breaking out below the support. For selling, we should look for filled green candle after breaking out above the resistance?

Yord Lertsak says:

Thank you for awesome VDO. I wonder what is the shortcut for Incremental Bar Replay in Trading View ?

Clayton Christian says:

So I found tensor charts on Twitter tonight. I thought , oh this is great .. but how in the world am I going to learn this?! I better check out Bennett's videos on order flow for a start .. Been avoiding them .. Oh well shit would you look at that it's tensor charts .. Thanks Bennet.

rms _ says:

Hi great content, would you mind reviewing bookmap?

B b says:

Another question: I think I had a tunnel vision because I bought some based on red pretty filled big volume candle and the ratios were looking good. The price range itself was small. Short after that, btc tanked 3% and it's still around there. Did I buy with a tunnel vision only looking into that red filled volume candle and the trades counter in mind? I think I forgot to look where the price was at or so haha. What do you think?

B b says:

Also, I don't see as full bars and dots like you show on the screen. When I see them the price doesn't seem to move up much or down, and the next full bar is lower than where I would have bought. I guess I should look into supp, resistance and trend? more?

B b says:

How do I know if that blue line is a cancelled, filled or open order?

Pam Wilson says:

Where do I find the first 99 videos?

fshsunlimit21 says:

Your awesome professor! If you could please put a full curriculum together, on trading that would be awesome!

Carl English says:

Great stuff, the first trade you went over was a classic stop run.

Crypto Haven says:

What exchange is used in this video?

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