Day Trading Order Flow 3 (Simple Method)

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This video focuses on a single order flow strategy that uses the 1H counters ratio to identify spots of high market selling and spots of high market buying.

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Disclaimer: The content covered in this video is NOT investment advice and I am not a financial advisor. The material covered within these videos is for educational purposes only. Always do your own research and only invest based on your own findings and personal judgment. Happy Trading!


hp says:

Great video.

Nick Walsh says:

Superb video on order flow …. high quality stuff

toxaonline says:

i can not express how glad i am to have found your video. I have made an important trade today and had success. this is awesome. been looking for volume based charts and visuals for a time now and your tuts are a bliss. keep up dude – i am definitely a paying customer.

Ken James says:

Great post, slowly gleaning more to ponder. You mention "Discord", what is that?——–Thanks again.

Jay says:

Thanks for another great video on order flow… I trade on Bitmex and the Tensor chart doesn't seem to be as clean and accurate as the GDAX and other charts. I tweeted tensor charts about it but idk if they fixed it. I want to test this counters ratio strategy but would it be still viable for Bitmex trading & scalping to go off of GDAX tensor charts when using 1H counters ratio?

moriartyb says:

Thanks Bennett <3

spongenobhornypants says:

Great video! as far as covering a short position would I be better off using a stop loss or a take profit as surely setting a stop above the current market price in order to cover the short would just cause it to execute immediately? or is it only when the price crosses the stop level? any advice would be appreciated. (trading on kraken/cyrptowatch)

Amr says:

counter ratio is n/a how to activate it or make it available

Brent Goodale says:

How do i get the counters ratio stats on trading view?

Klavdij Kralj says:

Great video thank you! Do you maybe use a VIX and combine It with other indicators? If you have time to answer thank you and best regards 😀

Johan Den Roover says:

is there a counter ratio on tradingvieuw???

Tracey says:

Great lesson again Professor ?. I was one of those that bought BNB but not on the high green candle, at least had the patience to wait for a couple reds but a little more patience could have got a little cheaper! Still…the other reason I bought is because they’re burning tokens next month and that typically 4x the value…also like binance platform and development plans. Will try scalping at some sage but I’ll be HODLing BNB too?. Keep up the awesome content! Thanks a million

Jim Griffiths says:

Do day traders spread their stakes across a wider range? i.e. Putting a small bid high up (high likelihood of getting filled), putting a higher bid lower down (medium fill chance), putting even larger bids further down (where it's unlikely to get filled). This is what I've been testing recently. Seems safer in case the market crashes in a short amount of time. I lose a small amount on the smaller stakes higher up, but I then make larger gains that cover those small losses with the big stake lower down as the market retraces.

notAsheep87 says:

you say periods with more buying, and more selling? how is this possible? For every sale there has to be a buyer and a seller, no?

TensorCharts says:

Another great video on orderflow trading and it gets so many downvotes? Go back to your RSI MACD magic curves you noobs…

Adam says:

Love the new intro and music. Keep up the good work Benet!

DuSty. Rayna says:

great video again, thank you ♡

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