Day Trading Penny Stocks DFFN Volatility Halt | $1,900 Trade

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Hakuin Z says:

Nice one bro!!

TradingMonkey says:

confidence is good! Great job…Entered with conviction and was just a great trade! Do you know the percentage of stocks halted when going up continue after the halt?

Storm says:

i love all the comments !!!

meesterhoward says:

Easy money, nice one!

RedEyeJedi says:

How do you find these penny stocks.

Trading Escapes says:

Nice days work Connor! We think your channel is one of the best resources out there for beginners…

jo lo says:

I really love your videos and how you trade. U are super honest trader for me.

Rick ONeil says:

Nice Work!!

Trav Vo says:

Do you have cloud links for custom trade ideas scanners for your group members?

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