Day Trading Silver and Gold – ETFs or Futures?

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This video is about the best way to day trade silver and gold


don2144 says:

What brokers do you recommend for Silver futures?

Opiocentric says:

No one would listen to the warnings of the gold and silver bust, warnings predicted with in your face EVIDENCE. Knowledge is the real PM, the only one that no one can confiscate. And on that note: agriculture stocks: food is the rich and poor man's superior gold and silver, which they must have daily. 😉

…just when you though only Russia and China were playing chess, the US has the returnees from the future to ask what next, there is no destroying the USD, live with it.

Keep it short through Xmas 2015 at LEAST folks. 

Ernie Varitimos says:

@SilversMarket With options the leverage is better, but still isn't anywhere near as great as futures, and you still have the short-term gain disadvantage. The other factor that I didn't mention is that the futures market has better overall liquidity.

Stephan Christ says:

Hey Apple, where is the big silver market crash you predicted ?

msnpassjan2004 says:

Ernie – thanks for the vid – very informative. What do you think about using the ETN DGP which is supposed to return 2x of GLD? Would this create adequate leverage? Would just trading options on DGP be another good option?

Jess Yates says:

@TheAppleInvestor Regarding the Constitution and today's politicians all I can say is touché Ernie, touché.

EconomieNet says:

@karenbcz22 Ernie's video came after that drop. He was referring to another drop to low 20s.

Pinky Green says:

@MrVocalBaby Good L*rd! Have YOU been on another planet? You didn't notice Silver dropped 33% TWO weeks ago?

Ernie Varitimos says:

@bezant1971 I like SGTBULL07, a great channel, but I'm my own man. I don't copy anyone's style. However if you want to compare me to SGTBULL07, I'm honored to be in such good company.

Ernie Varitimos says:

@MrYatesj1 I never said the Constitution is backing ETFs or Futures contracts, that's between the parties of the agreed upon contract. Law, nor the Constitution can prevent someone from acting in bad faith in a contract, but the law certainly provides mechanisms to right the wrong. And the Constitution is worth it, it's everything our country is about, it's the politicians that are smearing it that aren't worth the shit on toilet paper.

Jess Yates says:

Oh so now the Constitution now has validity . Pick as choose as you might but that document is about as useful as TP these days. And as you mention the Constitution is not backing the ETF's or Futures in any way shape or form.

bezant1971 says:

I have to say it, probably someone has written it before, good channel, but…….this is SGTBULL07's style

silverfuturist says:

Thanks for the trading education!

Luiyi385 says:

Thanks, this is very useful.

MrVocalBaby says:

Ernie, what happened to the mega crash you forecasted in Silver 2 weeks ago..?

longltran says:

very helpful

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