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The age old Gap Fill Strategy is always one to have in our pocket when your Day Trading! Day Trading requires you to be versatile and ready for all the different types of patterns that we saw time and time again. Trading MRNS this morning and playing into that momentum for the gap fill back to 5.25 area. Once the gap filled Shorts jumped in and crashed it right back down. Next time you open a Stock Chart make sure you take a look back for a gap like MRNS. MRNS Gap was from last year in June and it filled it perfectly.

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I am not a investment professional. Please do not make investment choices off of the ideas you see in these videos without the proper knowledge and research. Day Trading can be very volatile! You need to understand the basics and the risk involved first!


Anjo tansiongco says:

is sure trader better than interactive broker?

Jason Wade says:

Thanks for all your vids..very helpful

abdi amin says:

Made 180 on TAHO not a big gain but better than a loss

Walter Pahk says:

Learned something new today! LIKED!

Karl Sarkozy says:

Did you have MRNS available to short?

Zeek says:

Patrick, why do you trade a small account now? You used to take bigger positions

Robert Vining says:

The big money is in day trading weekly options .

Patrick Wieland says:

Tune in Live 9AM to talk Hot Stocks and Day Trading Plays every weekday morning! We talked about $MRNS this morning before it made the big move!

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