Day Trading Stocks – 3 Steps To Trade Trend Reversals

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Day trading stocks using 3 steps to catch the end of a trend so you can trade in the opposite direction. This is one way day trading stocks can be profitable if you know how it’s done.

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D Matchell says:

Barry I trade your 5 energy system (its what i call it ) its fantastic, Can you do a video on head fakes that come into play once in a while if trading break of prior bar high if going long or break of prior bar low if going short (these traps piss me off when they happen lol). when all energy's are lined up that is. Thanks for great videos

joedarm3 says:

Good demonstration of divergence.  Regarding your mention of strong and weak trend, I'm curious to know if you find any utility from the ADX indicator as it's purported by some to be a measure of trend strength?

Mariusz Klimach says:

Excellent tips, thank you.

Kevin Cullen says:

Have you changed from using Mom & Dad to a 14 period of the straight momentum indicator?

Johanne Trader says:

Thumb up it is, indeed!

Bill Dube says:

Great stuff as always.  Thanks.

Emmanuel Soremi says:

great video.. many thanks

Generation Watchers says:

great thank you

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