Day Trading Stocks | $8,000 1 Day

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tubie666666 says:

Could you show your trades, rather than saying "about x$"

Bamboo kai says:

Do you ever ha e a problem finding stock to short with TOS?

Louis Escobar says:

What platform is he using?

Brandon Hill says:

interesting would be how big are your positions and how do you go about position sizing

sekytwo says:

Great channel bro, I have been learning a lot! keep it man

MynameisntEricK says:

People are confusing what "risk" actually is… Risk is the move from where you buy in, to where your mental/physical stop is. Period. It's not the total value of the trade. (to keep it simple)

hamza fiyarhi says:

Sound isn't that geat

Gaukhar Murzagaliyeva says:

Team Apple or Team Microsoft?

Lilia Pacheco says:

can you pls zoom in a bit so its east to see. thanks

Bamboo kai says:

Do you have live trading video?

Bamboo kai says:

How much do you have to ha e to short the stock with TOS?

Ashar Zam says:

I like that you explain the reason why you got into trade and and why you got out , it helps a lot with learning thanks

Ashar Zam says:

My trendines that I draw are red .how I change color to white in TOM

Ashar Zam says:

Where u go on TOS to get this drawing

TheIntrospects says:

Hey Connor, do you pre-emptively set limit orders at certain prices before you hit
buy," or do you market buy?

arcangel1994 says:

What are your thoughts for IQ going into tomorrow or even over the weekend?

David Hocutt says:

Great explanation of your trades. Thank you for your help

Fernando Guzman says:

Do you short on Think or swim?

ToddsStocks says:

Nailed it…great trades

J A says:

Im not doubting you did this but how? it looks like some of the trades took place at the same time. do you have help?

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