Day Trading stocks for $4,800 in 9 min. – Meir Barak

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Live Day Trading Stocks – How to make money by day trading stocks – $4,000 in 9 minutes.
Meir Barak day trading live on January 6th. 2017.

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TheBlanco951 says:

if you don't mind me asking, what was your reward to risk ratio for both positions? and what was the ratio when you took off the partials? Thank You

Kim Foong Chan says:

do you have last year trade record account?

Trade Small THINK BIG says:

he should have WAY more subscriber's but everyone wants the GET RICH QUICK, with the EGO telling people look I make 5k in 20 minutes…

YEARS have to be put into it like a full-time job 10 hour days for YEARS to reach these levels of trading…


Trade Small THINK BIG says:

what I love about Meir,
every video is like a photo copy,
meaning the discipline he has developed through the years to be this type of trader is INCREDIBLE..
also he is not FLASHY like other YouTube "traders"
WHY because it TAKES YEARS to get to his level…not like other people thinking in 6 months you can pull off 7k profits in 15 minutes
everything that's GREAT takes YEARS

vivahernando1 says:

great trades. I can't trade multiples stocks at a time too hard for me to focus. I guess that is my next step

Andrew Kelly says:

Thanks Meir for your reply.

aaa2782 says:

Great job ! It looks like your looking at a 1 minute chart so you exit as soon as you see a little pull back ? And also do you use price action or just candlesticks ?

Abdul Rauf Moid says:

Hi Meir

Can I not open a Colmex account in the US? It does not give me that option. Also, I took up your 290 training course which has the 30 day demo account. How can I gain access to it? Thanks.

Sebastian aaa says:

Meir, you have such a great talent!
I love your videos, they're so relaxing.

Duck TripWire says:

nice video excellent skill

seth layland says:

Hi Meir,
Been watching you for a good bit now. Watching how you trade motivates me to the fullest. I just turned 18 and just wanted to know if you could give me some tips for a new comer to the trading world. Ive done research as well as follow stocks but I still do not know the half of it. Good luck and thanks for the great vids

Andrew Kelly says:

Thanks Meir, that's fast!! brilliant trading, are most of  your trade ideas on a scanned list on the colmex platform, thanks once again.

Zaid Alchalabi says:

9 mins almost 5k
only 2 positions
thats real trading

Kris Danielson says:

Cmon I said short 40k shares not 4000 we wanna see some again Meir

Jacopo Franchin says:

Mr Meir, i m following you from a bit, i ve just bought your book and motivates me a lot. i m saving to attend your course and one day i ll meet you.
Thank you for sharing all the the videos.
Great jobs as always

Mukesh Suthar says:

i want to trad in Nifty FNO stock so can i calculate Volume FNO's Equity Stock ?

Mukesh Suthar says:

i m trading from India and only in Nifty FNO stock , but can i calculate Nifty Equite stock of Volume after can i trad as per Nifty FNO stock..? for tomorrow gap down short stratgy

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