Day Trading Stocks for $5,000 in 8 Minutes!

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Live Day Trading Stocks – How to make money by Day Trading Stocks for $5,000 in 8 Minutes!
Meir Barak day trading live on April 25th. 2018.

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Simon says:

Awesome video boss, love it!

Hana says:

Meir you are my hero!!!

ganeskmr says:

i always watch level 2 and resi and supp not any indicator

ganeskmr says:

sir my age is u r experiences u can make profitable trade great video thanks

Kenneth Nazo says:

Wow! Could you please tell me why you commonly prefer to short stock?, also you did mention

Keith Bray says:

Lol….you're crazy Meir

daniel Tkachenko says:

Meir, What platform do you use? would you suggest it for beginners? I am trying to learn.
Thank you

Alfredo Gonzalez Gomez says:

Felicitaciones Señor Meir desde Colombia excelente!!

MR. GREEN says:


PANTTERA1959 says:

Run a sale on your programs please. I missed the last one.

Andrew Kelly says:

Brilliant trading as always Meir, thank you for trading video.

jonathan ceballos acosta says:

insert subtitles in Spanish in your videos please

Bud Marley says:

is it possibe i can trade a funded account of yours

Nirav D says:

Always good

MoneyAppetite says:


Jamol Bahromov says:

That was one amazing trade, great technical formation! Really wanted to participate in your free seminar in Berlin , did not get contacted(

vatsal savla says:

That was amazing trading👍 i'm planning to join the program before the price hikes.

anything4you05 says:

Do you livestream your trading screen daily in chat? P/L , time and sells, executions?

Greg Panchovilla says:

beautiful video!
you are the best!!!!

wilfred mwangi says:

What???? Meir can't imagin you are more than trader

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