Day Trading Stocks Live $600 Profit | Two Trades

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shawne david says:

where did you learn about stocks?

Yurii Guz says:

ARDM …….probably popped up because WarriorTrading and his minions were buying like crazy …….master told everyone to buy )) . and here we go …….pump .

meesterhoward says:

You and warriror trading are my most looked forward to daily trade recaps, keep up the hot winning streak!

RedEyeJedi says:

How do I get in on the live trades

chris murphy says:

do you cover options in the chatroom or only swing trading?

agnaeus says:

yo can someone explain to me, he just clicked "sell" and after that the stock went down and clicked "buy" and he got money from it? i don't understand at all. and also what is "flatten"?

Denny Chow says:

I love watching your live trades and your commentary as you are placing them, good education bro.

Nebderf 350zHR says:

Loved SPY today. Had my options from 1.15 sold at 4.00 5 contracts on todays expiration in like 1 hour. Loved it! Good job man!

Yash Hirpara says:

Hey man i was trying to find the video on MACD but couldn't find it btw love your content learning a lot

Akshay D says:

You are cool man. You keep it simple. No complicated analysis. Keep losses very small and lock in profits at key levels. So effective. Thumbs up and good luck to you.

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