Day Trading Stocks Live NFLX, CGC | Break Even

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Chris VanSlyke says:

One thing I noticed with AMD is it almost goes slightly beyond what the support/resistance levels I have are. Today the pm I thought it would dip then rip thinking put a buy order around 16.25. Yesterday I though buy for a bounce at the prior days lows…….both dipped a bit lower. CGC on the other hand is pretty good for hitting right on support/res levels for reversals. I set my orders accordingly. Each stock has their own personality.

Nathan Neff says:

I too traded NFLX for a small win. Question….I've watched a few videos of you trading and notice your cursor hovering over the flatten key. What does the flatten key do exactly? I use TOS also but have never attempted to use that key myself. Do you use hotkeys or only market orders?

TradingMonkey says:

Break even is not bad…Not the best, but sometimes not losing money is good enough!

Mark D. says:

up 40k trading amzn calls today!!

CGS S says:

I used fibinacci retracement with rsi on large cappers today. Worked great today

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