Day Trading Stocks? | Our Advice as Millionaires Who Retired Early by Investing in the Stock Market

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Our Rich Journey – Day Trading Stocks? | Our Advice as Millionaires Who Retired Early by Investing in the Stock Market: Are you interested in day trading? So many people have reached out to us about day trading. We figured we should do a video on it! In this video, we talk about what day trading is, the strategies people use to day trade, how successful people are with day trading, and whether we think day trading can be a way to achieve financial independence and to retire early. Check it out!

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Our Rich Journey says:

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Javier Solis says:

My favorite channel on YouTube

Andy Hartkopf says:

Olá! Vocês parecem brasileiros. Muito bonitos e simpáticos! 🙂 Muito obrigado pelo vídeo.

Calipeixegato says:

The fundamentals tell you WHAT to buy. The technicals tell you WHEN to buy.

S M says:

You guys need to do a "How to build a successful marriage" video…..

Stop Buying Vowels says:

On technical analysis – a lot of times TA can be a self-fulfilling prophecy. Even if you don't believe in it, it can be helpful to use TA/charts to try and gain better entries once you have already decided you are going to invest in something. If correct it can lead to accelerating your returns right off the bat, and if incorrect, you planned to hold long term so you won't be worried anyway. Just a thought.

Phillip S says:

I've always been average. When I was 16, I remember I picked up this book at the library called, "The Little Book That Beats the Market," and it was the first time I could maybe one day be rich — by being average. Then I thought, "but if everyone invests in these index funds, aren't they all gonna pull out their money at the same time? Who WOULDN"T just invest this way? Isn't it gonna crash the market?" Then I got older and realized most people ignore the data because they think they're exceptional. It pays to remember you're not that special: just try to make more money at your day job.

Blind Guy, His Wife, Their Life says:

You two used to be my favorites, but now you've retired and are stepping on my day trading toes. I took a course in day trading (3 actually) and am I making boocoo money? no You two are my almost favorites because I'm still broke😆🤣

Crissy Qualls says:

How is your oldest liking Portugal? My son is 14 and I’m just looking into schools and sports, and youth activities there.

Noel M says:

Great insight! It's unfortunate how many people get caught up in the idea of trying to get rich quick by day trading. Over the long term, low cost, broad-based index funds always win.

Victor C says:

As always,thank you for the sound advice.

JChrys says:

I'll just hold only to vtsax and cruise. Day trading would cause me to go gray early lol.

Kelvin Chang says:

I cutloss over 10K++, I predicted that good cash rich healthcare company share increased. but it go against me for months. I wonder do you encountered lost money in stocks or other type of investment?

Erica Gibson says:

Who had over 500 trades & their 1099 was a small booklet?

Smart Cookie Finance says:

Wow the stats say it all, 90% are losing money and only 1% are making more than minimum wage! Very eye opening

JD says:

What about VT for long term investment?

trave764 says:

great chanel, and just subscribed; please talk more about buying homes; and the problems involved; specially
about mold problems in homes; this is something I hear about a lot in Portugal homes

Sandra Young says:

Day trading at one time was glorified on television,they show the good no th the bad

GiG Medic MaX says:

What do you guys think of FSKAX for reaching fire only stock in portfolio? it's fidelity version of VTSAX.

Jay Hall says:

I am so glad you did this video. I was hoping you would do it…I am glad others were asking so I didn't have to ask for it. lol I am naturally weary of the 'get rich my way' sales tactics of day trading programs. think they And with ALL the numerous programs claiming to be the best, maybe they have found that teaching others to trade is even more lucrative than trading it's self! I do have a friend who's husband day trades. He was in IT, saved up a bunch of money and now day trades. That being said, his wife (my friend) still works a very lucrative corporate job that keeps the paychecks rolling in steady. How's that for hedging against losses?! I am more than content building my money over time. I am trying to keep it simple. 🙂

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