Day Trading Stocks Rockstar Intro to Basics 7 Years Later

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Part One can be seen here

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As a anniversary video from of my first daytradingradio videos. 7 years later. What a great trip it has been and looking forward to many more. This video is why I love the markets. Hope you like it.

ps The Video is also a testimony of my beard as I feel its existence and time on my chin is coming to an end….Rock Out With Your Stock Out!!


Damian Williams says:

This guy rules…. Must have been stoked to have gotten Michael J Fox as camera man.

BlankSpace says:

I know that I am 1 year late but I must say that beard is looking great on you. tried to see your video from 2007 when you posted a video with you in front of the camera unfortunately the video is not available anymore. Thank you for posting all the videos all are great videos.

Shun Chang says:

there is no way that you gonna have time to draw charts like that and trade

Tim Warren says:

Keep on Sharing!!!

speedfreak1983 says:

Not to sound like a comercial but Your show is great. It is fun to trade when following the show, giving every trader out there advice / market clues and a community.
I continue to listen after my trades for the day are done. – I usually make trades the first Three hours of the day With the last one expiering at market Close (options). It is not possible to have a bad day when DTR is on one of my screens. You make trading fun, so to everyone Reading this: highly recomended.
I might be a bit off the Money on this part but my favourite tune on the show is "Drop down and give me twenty"
Keep up the good work!
Cheers speedfreak 

Cameron Brooks says:

Thank you John, still a great show….

123jjvj says:

welcome back to youtube, its been too long 

John Fisher says:

What data exactly is the stochastic chart showing? Is there any free software I can use to view the stochastic chart on a mac?

Great info btw…

cmares5858 says:

Love the vids, I have learned alot… I always lose when I become an action junkie… I need to stay in the methodology! 

Assassin 404 says:

How can you tell when a stock is over sold. 

Assassin 404 says:

Is this for long term trading or short term. 

Xi Zui says:

Information overload! So things are going up and getting better! :)

John Uifelean says:

Great stuff. 🙂 what charting program you using?

Melbourne Scrapper says:

ripper beard DTRS!

Brian Papocchia says:

Awesome vid, Rockstar. Here's to 7 more! (and part 3) 

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