Day Trading Stocks to a Million EP.4

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Day Trading Stocks to a Million EP.4

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In this video we continue the million dollar stock trading challenge series in which I am attempting to turn 50k into a million using options day trading and swing trading regular stocks. This video encompasses about three weeks of trading. The recent market correction took quite a toll on the account. The SP500 day trading strategy finally failed us but I will now be trading with a stop loss to ensure that this doesn’t happen again. This video is for entertainment purposes only.


Biaheza says:

Hypothetically what if you scrolled back up to smash the like button?

Fielder2Saucy says:

Congratulations homie I saw last night you were at 599k sub and now you hit the big 600! Keep grinding to the top.

Jason says:

If you're going to stick with that strategy, i would look into PUT CREDIT SPREADS.

Mark Jonker says:

Watch the Chinese calendar dives are pretty clear there

Brian Blair says:

A lot of really successful people wear the same thing, Jobs, Zuck and Obama famously wore the same outfit 98% of the time citing decision fatigue.

Gaming with PURG3 anarchy says:

Why does he look like Jake Harper from two and a half men with a buzz cut lol

Gaming with PURG3 anarchy says:

My $100k (on a game) turned into $127k in about 60 days. wish I had real money :'(

Julio Sanders says:

But i always thought speculating wasnt investing??? X'D

mehedi haque says:

This is like watching wall street bets in real life

Kazybek Tolegen - Challenge for Million Dollar says:

This is a good idea, I will try trading on my MAKE MILLION DOLLAR CHALLENGE obviously. Thanks!!!

sciencewoz says:

dear lord 80 spy calls @ 356 at all time high…. dude you really need to learn how to read the market, market analysis, and also risk management.

Македонец says:

which app do you use for day trading?

Daniel W. says:

Well, this is what happens when you gamble – you lose your hair! Not a bad look for you though! 😜

Winston Van Heck says:

Plz make a vid how you find profitable products for dropshipping

Daniel Barnes says:

Hey Biaheza! What was the name of the App which gives you a free share and further shares for sharing and getting sign ups? You mentioned it in one of my our videos and I can't find it!?!

PEACE!!! ✌

ItsMichaelAkin says:

If you're watching this guy trying to get rich quick, do yourself a favour and play the long game. Put your money in an global index tracker fund periodically and sit back and relax for 20 years.

the future says:

You don’t know why the markets crashing…good luck getting to a million

Lyndon Scott : Ecom Authentic says:

Awesome content as usual, thanks, Brother!!

Prathamesh chandan says:

It's looking good dude

Hugh Phillips says:

I shaved my head for the decision thing and cuz bezos is my idol.

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