Day Trading Stocks – What’s The Best Time Frame?

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Day Trading Stocks, what’s the best time frame for your charts?

The stock market doesn’t trend as much as it used to. At least not for day traders. But trend trading is still possible, and easier, when you make this simple change to your charts.

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Barry Burns
Top Dog Trading

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ThumperOne says:

For trading the stock index's like ES, NQ, YM or NQ would your method work with using range bars? Thanks in advance for any answer.

Tim Daney says:

Thanks Barry this makes a lot of since and it really does help. Thanks a million.

tonytarpon says:

Great stuff, been learning your methods for a few years, there's so much detail, it's really great, thanks Tony


Fantastic. I also feel the tick chart is more predictable. Would love to review the rubber band trade.

Ramesh Sehgal says:

Great. Thanks. Kindly send details of tick intervals and rubber band strategy to e mail:

Don Dennerll says:

This is good to know. Thanks Barry

Dave Young says:

Never used TICK charts — does the common indicators still work out, such as MACD, Stochastics, Squeeze, etc. ?
Would like info on your cycle indicator
Thanks for your informative videos

kofi zion says:

Thanks Mr Burns..👏

Edna Lomigora Mekic says:

Very efficient, as every other video you created so far. As someone already said God bless You for sharing all this information so that others can use it as well. Thank You Barry.
P.S. please email me the cycle indicator. THX

agripke says:

Thank you for this information. I've tried to set bars into tick bars, but I can't find it in MT4. Who can help me?

Max Truth says:

I have always found your teachings to be efficient to the point and VERY WORTHWHILE.I would imagine your work to be a beginning traders dream come true.Thanks.God bless,and Im not a religious man.

Fred Meller says:

Barry: I always enjoy your videos and as you may know have most of your Foundations Course. I use your indicators on Ninja Trader. They are "tick" charts are they not? I appreciate your work and look forward to your answer.
Fred M.

Ramesh Kasar says:

could you pl send me the cycle indicator,

Rodi Jamal says:

Thanks Barry !!
I think Ninja Trader is the most suitable to trade tick chart . isn't it ??

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