Day Trading Stocks With $100,000 | Episode 14

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Ricky Gutierrez says:

Had a blast doing what i love once again! Let's put in the time & work for another blessed day tomorrow team!

Alex Winkler says:

I sure love that trade execution sound on TOS

Curry Boizzz says:

I wonder if Ricky can go one video without talking about Learn Plan Profit

1000 subscribers without any video says:

You should start dropshipping bruh

1000 subscribers without any video says:

The common thing between me and Ricky is that we both have the same pare of jeans I guess

Casey Coleman says:

Honestly my favorite video of yours. Just seems higher quality entertainment wise than the livestreams (although those are extremely helpful as well). Keep it up bud!

Alex Flora says:

Oooh I wanna come to AZ and get a workout with THE BOYSSSS!! ??????

Nick Balakrishnan says:

Hey Guys,
Looking to get into stock trading but I live in Australia. Can Ricky’s stock trading techniques be applied directly to the ASX? Any answers would be appreciated ?

Wizard Khan says:

this one has much better music better transitions

STOCKBOY7254 says:

Ricky was that picture photo shopped of you with the muscles?

David Henry says:

How much do you need to trade with to earn $200-$300 daily

Jack Driscoll says:

what software do you use for trading

Plantboi Beats says:

Honestly like these kind of vids better than the live streams.

Swaidream says:

Yeah there a trend in your videos . Not much value . Just show in tell . Are you actually trying help others or trying to get views ?

Evatronic says:

Workout "with my boi Nic!!!" ?? Ricky tryna get big lol ?

Lupe Jaramillo says:

Where do you view the natural gas report?

Panda Hightlights says:

Name of the site and minimum deposit?

Pranav Rasal says:

Do you really earn 6 million a year?

Randall Gonzalez says:

ive been trading for a year and a half now, really only got started because of Ricky, ive been so consistent these last 2 months almost up 20%. its taken too many mistakes, an abundant amount of time, too much blood sweat and tears but it is truly my passion. wouldnt want it any other way. i truly love the game. i pray/believe/work towards my first pay day this summer. shooting to gain 5k from the market. lets see what happens. finna make some money on /ng report tomorrow. thank you ricky

Umar Virk says:

Well got fired today but your videos and the knowledge in it is more than enough to lead me towards financial freedom. I hope one day I can meet you.

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