Day Trading Stocks With My Subscribers & Making $600 In 8 Minutes

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How to make $600 in 10 minutes day trading stocks, majority of my students killed it today and I want to show case them and motivate you guys. join the 3 in 1 stock course & discord chat

Day trading tutorial for beginners

Instagram @ Simplyzedd

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Zed Monopoly says:

This will break it down nicely
3 in 1 stock course
Hope you guys killed it today!

Behrouz Taghizadeh says:

please tell us that profit in percentage terms not in DOLLAR terms. (if u wanna distinguish from majority of traders out there)

WiiUGamer says:

Hey man what's your discord link I want to join?

Romeo Lives says:

Thank you my brother, always sharing these simple, well explained tutorials! Profits made quick and easy! Love you mate!

Wicklow Silver says:

What platform do you use ?

Симеон Иванов says:

I don't understand after all…AZZ had a preety good report. Why we short that stock?

0000000007 007 says:

whats the discrod and how can i join?

riyazes says:

are you able to achieve this daily? i dont know much about trading stocks but would love to learn

Taengz says:

Went long on AZZ today with paper and took a quick 0.6% profit, unsure whether degiro fees would eat me up or not, but I don't think so. I'm glad I've watched the video, now there's another pattern i'll be on the lookout for and maybe next time, I'll think to short instead.

Abel O says:

what brokage do u use?

KnightWicked says:

This is confusing how do you know when to go long or short when the report is positive?

selfpaidreese says:

Great content 💯💯

Gemini says:

On Azz i went in long but saw it was falling so cancelled and shorted. Learned alot today even though still paper trading.

purkskii says:

who's your broker?

Pamela says:

Quality content💯💯

Dawid Jałoszyński says:

What is the platform he using? Etero?

Son Of Troy says:

Zed, can you post some screenshots of the discord chat of the pre-market discussions? I saw from your Instagram what people were saying as they were posting profits, but if you could show some of the run-up chat too to get an idea of what to expect when I purchase your course. Thanks!!

Ben says:

Everyone is complaining about webull. I thought I was the only one experiencing some problems.

Nada Fazal says:

Money money 💰 great video 👌

Freedumm Vlog says:

my first trade with real money and profitable trade was $17 profit, if i waited 30 more seconds it would of been $400, big up to zedd for the education.

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