Day Trading The DAX (Turning £90 into £726.30)

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I wish more traders would just be real, honest, and trade live right in front of us all.

I think this kind of honesty is really lacking in the trading space, so I’ve decided to do exactly that; In the below video, you can watch me taking a real, live trade on the DAX, or the Germany 30 as it’s also known. I also share genuine feedback from one of the traders I work with as part of my community who also trades my DAX strategy, along with my GBPUSD strategy, and I even go as far as to share the deal ticket when I’ve closed out the trade.

This isn’t a scam, or photoshop, or somehow faked…

This is a real trade taken, live, and you’re able to watch from opening to hitting the take-profit, banking +£726.30 in one simple, mechanical trade.

No guesses, no predictions. Literally all I did was sit, wait for the setup, take the trade, place my stop and target, and walk away…

…And if you’ve learned my DAX strategy, as it’s mechanical and rule-based, you’ll know exactly why I entered where I did, exactly why my stop was where it was, and exactly why our target was where it was.

If you’re new to the way I trade, I use mechanical rule-based strategies, or in other words I wait for my setup to form, I place the trade and walk away. Set and forget.

What amazes me is that so many traders out there don’t even know this way of trading exists, they think you have to guess, predict and blindly hope for the best when trading, whereas I look for repeating price patterns and setups within markets and before ever placing a trade I test these, often going back through the charts by-hand across years of data and I prove that the setup offers an opportunity to profit regularly by building statistics on the performance of each setup and when this is done, I then implement rules, create a strategy and trade the setup/s.

This is exactly what you’ll see me doing in the below video;

My setup occurs giving me an entry, a place to put my stop and a target to place my take-profit at, and all I do from there is take the trade and sit on my hands.

Genuinely, trading CAN be this easy…

If you have any questions or you don’t believe me when I say trading is this easy, or maybe you don’t even think my DAX setup exists and I’m talking nonsense, just reply to this Email and I’ll happily share the trades taken spreadsheet and/or the performance statistics for any one of my strategies, that includes every single position triggered by every single setup, black and white.

Again, I’m more than happy to send this over to anyone who’d like to look these spreadsheets over as crystal clear proof that each strategy that I trade – on a daily basis alongside the traders I work with – performs and provides consistent profitable trades, and has going back months and years.

I’ll look forward to hearing from you, and thanks for watching!

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Walter Naughton says:

What is the strategy?

Jake N says:

Great video as always will. For anyone wondering, Will is the real deal.

I trade his gbpusd & dax strategies and couldn’t be happier. It’s the first real consistency I’ve seen in trading.

If anyone is struggling figuring out a profitable strategy, feeling like you’re going around in circles. I would highly recommend Will!

Chris Martin says:

thanks will

Dominic Pate says:

Nice work Will!

As an add for others who maybe unsure I trade Wills Strategy and also made this trade banking too!

Very simple to follow and really eliminates the tough psychological aspect of trading when you have these rules in place

Mark Done says:

Great idea and concept

Skinny Bald says:

thank you will. have to say it you've changed the way i think about trading. keep the videos coming please! – anton

ujjwal kumar says:

Awesome….. give something for NIFTY

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