Day trading the Emini S&P500: Scalping and Day Trading

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Here are two charts of the Emini S&P500. The one to the right is a 5-minute chart that we use for trading the Atlas Line. The one at the left is a 1-minute chart for the Trade Scalper.

We just had a short trade signal here, short at 2960.50.

When we scalp using the trade scalper we are looking for 3 ticks of profit on each trade. And here we reached that in no time.

You can see the tool here, the Y-value shows the number of ticks, if the trade was short you will see negative point 75 ticks like here.

We had a few other successful trades earlier; Long 2961.25 for 3 ticks of profit

Then we had another long signal at 2960.50 – here we didn’t reach the profit target of three ticks, we only reached two tick before the market reversed.

And before that – two long trades signalling at the exact same level 2956.50: When this happens I only open one trade, so this would be another 3 ticks of profit.

When you trade the emini SP500 one tick equals twelve dollar 50 cent – so if the market moves one point, that equals $50.

And before this double signal we had a long signal at 2955.75 – this was also a winning trade, even though the market did have a short pullback right after the trade signal.

Then if we move to the right hand side, we have the 5-minute chart with the Atlas Line. We had a nice trade at 2954, long.

When trading the Atlas Line on the Five minute chart we use the ATR indicator to decide the profit target, so the more volatile the market is the bigger the profit target will be.

This way we always base our profit target on what we can realistically expect from the market. For this particular trade the ATR value was 2.75 so our profit target was two points and three ticks.

That would be $137.50 per contract. If you trade for example 5 contracts that would be $687.50.

So that was today’s trading. IF you haven’t done so already, please subscribe to our channel – we’re just about to reach 30000 subscribers and we’re growing all the time.

Thank you.

Until next time, good trading!


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