Day Trading the SP500 Emini Futures ES +6 5 Points with Responsible Day Trading

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Whoowhee—that thing sure did drop after I had to close it down earlier! Some would feel like they missed out… and I started to lean that way for a brief moment when I sat down with my lunch just now… like this guilt for stepping away and not being there for the bigger move—ya know? I KNOW you know.. Because we all do it. Sometimes its hard to sit there for so long and then you say to yourself, “what if I would have just stayed a little longer…”

But then I remember 2 things— That you can “what if” in one hand and uhh we know what happens in the other… and I also reminded myself that I had commitments to fulfill TO myself and to others.. That no trade is a “missed” trade—that the market will move with or without me. I have no control over that.. but I DO have control over the way I react to that for SURE!

THAT right there is why I love what I do! I’m able to do things on my own terms—I can choose what to do with my time… I can sit here all day, or I can move on to other things I’m passionate about… And part of my passion involves always learning, always growing and always remembering the gift I’ve been handed to even be able to experience all of it.

So, 2 quick trades today. I try to always let it hit my first target of 2 points unless I have really good signals that its pulling back far enough to take my stop. So both of the trades allowed for that with a move to my stop on the break even for the 2nd target. I held the 2nd target a wee bit long but still took a little profit off of it for the first trade—so no harm, no foul…For the 2nd trade, I just giggled to myself because I JUST thought, “If I had just kept it at break even I’d still be IN that bad boy” Which we ALL know is NOT true lol—I saw reason to exit and needed to get up to move around—so listened to myself and shut it down!

Alrighty my friends! I hope everyone has a fantastic weekend! Move love to you all and your families! Look forward to catching yall back around next week!


Dark Lord says:

What indicator are you using in the bottom?

Louis Happy says:

❤️ I wish you can do a video showing how to make a long and short trade. Greetings from Fort Worth, Texas ❤️

Raymo BettyBoi says:

super cute fr

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