Day Trading UK – How to day trade the DAX and sniper a quick 50 pips in 20 mins a simple strategy

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In this day trade lesson you will “learn how to trade” and make money when the price starts to pull back after a long extension. Most importantly how to keep your trade risk small for maximum gains. You will see “how I sold the DAX” when it touched my secret weapon on the 2 minute timeframe.
I set an alarm waiting patiently for the DAX to pull backbefore selling the DAX. The DAX found resistance before continuing to sell off banking me a quick 50 pips with IG in just 15 minutes. The trade was managed by the system I created “The DAX Income Optimiser”. This forced me to be disciplined so I knew where to execute my entry “Short Selling the DAX”, where to exit the DAX trade early (Where to place the STOP) for a small loss and where my target was to take profit. This avoids my mind interfering with thoughts of staying in longer when the price has moved into a negative position. This is the best business in the world but you must treat small losses as expenses to get the big winners. This will increase the money you make so you become bery profitable.


Harry Charalambous says:

Hey Adam am spread betting Dax and Oil with varying degrees of success where can I learn more about your system have more time on my hands nowadays want to trade more also up my £ per point stake gradually . Cheers

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