Details Of My Upcoming Conference

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Register for the earlybird special at to trade live with me and my top students in September and learn fro 3 days while saving $1,000+ off the regular price


M74 BG says:

What website do you trade on? Really need the help thanks

Rony Sarkissians says:

Can't make it this year but I'm coming next year!

ynoter1 says:

why the dislikes?

Jay Zhang says:

Hi Tim, I just started to watch your videos.I am a second year college student studying Accounting. I'm very new to Penny Stock but i'm eager to learn. I just submit my Early Bird list. In addition, I submit my application to entering your challenge course. However, i realized there are 3 types of course that you are offering 1) Tim Alert 2) Penny-stock Sliver and 3) Tim's Stock Trading Challenge. I need advice on which one should I purchase to get the most out of it and to help me to begin Penny Stock.

PlanTradeProfit says:

Right in Orlando hmmmmm

Tobyh073 says:

i am still very new to penny stocks and trading in general. I feel as if i am starting to understand how they work and when and when not to buy/sell shares etc. however watching videos like yours just confuse me as i dont understand the software you're using. I need a conplete video guide on what and where everything is. Once i understand what you are doing & clicking on in your videos i feel like ill start to progress further and once i know the software ill be able to start paper trading. I know some websites have guides, but i am a visual learner and having someone describe it in more detail i just find much more helpful. Thanks 🙂

Minjae Cho says:

Tim, i am so excited for this! I am from Toronto Canada and i'm just wondering if you will also be coming out with hotel accommodations for this.

– Your next millionaire student

Minjae Cho

Ephraime Murphy says:

cant wait, sooo excited

Donald J. Trump says:



Marcin Wojtkowiak says:

I wish i could be there 🙂 Sadly im sitting in UK waiting for u to come to London … But BIG thanks to YOU!!!! my paper trading is getting better and better. Soon i will be ready to play 🙂 Just had a nice play on CHFS on Thursday 🙂 entry on 0.83 and out 1.03 ( could hold it overnight) and everything by your free lessons 🙂 Thank You very much again !!! And i hope see you one day !!

Jack Kellogg says:

I'll be there.

James Taylor says:

I wish i could im 16 in australia and am unable to get a trading account till 18 i want to show you i am dedicated but it has to be within reason but i will keep studying and one day once my hard work pays off i will be one of your 5,6,7 figure students and i will attend your conferences Thanks For All you do.
A Dedicated student

Touché Garcia says:

ALLREADY reserved it!!

steve sirois says:

How can I get into the challenge with close to no funds?I really need a drastic life change and need help.

Okram says:


Okram says:


Dondrell Beatz says:

This is what I been waiting on Tim letss goo

Jalen says:

Why do people dislike?

Momo Ghaza says:

You never go live trading so how people spouse to believe you?? All I want you to do is go live daily or when ever you trade and you will be the most trusted person in the world

Jawan Sherman says:

i can't wait. jawan checking in from Detroit Michigan

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