Deutsche Bank Predicts U.S. Market CRASH in the COMING MONTHS!

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The Money GPS says:

Chart after chart after chart! I know what my beliefs are. You can take the data and formulate your own. I'm just presenting the facts and trying to have minimal opinion.

Dom Jervis says:

Strange how people (including politicians) talk about Social Security and Medicare running out of money, but they NEVER say that about welfare. Looks like if the US just scrapped welfare and its other unconscionable wealth-redistribution programs, its budget would be balanced. How 'bout that?
As for students spending loan money on non-school expenses, just have the lender pay the school directly…problem solved!

Process-Geekoid says:

So…Question here. is "The Money GPS" advising to do a massive selloff of stocks before new year 2018? It looks like in the graphs that every January in an interval of every 9-10 years (1998, 2008…2018) the stock market will crash? So my gut is telling me to sell around mid December before Christmas.

Carey L says:

One of the worst and misleading videos I've ever seen


how about…..we invent new system?not based on money…on something else..anything is possible in this Universe

amber lopez says:

Send your money to me. I'll watch it for you.?

Zettu says:

I found this video, especially the part of sqft per state very insightful. Facts now a days are no longer truth. in society today personal preference is truth and facts are offensive. This is deeply unfortunate but it was inevitable as man is dumb down to become obsolete by the elite and those in control of our governments. I am rambling on. You did a great job on this video and i liked it so much i subscribed to you channel. keep fighting the good fight.

Robert Galletta says:


PeterFied FM says:

You mean started by Dutche bank , lending money to women so they can get useless degrees in gender studies and other female invented safe space fields that dont exist. Shocker majority of the debt is from the 70% female college admission. What shocker. Women responsible whaaaaaaaa. Most women know that men really care about their phd in in useless bs, thats what we care about, she can be as fat as she wants, telling you masculinity is toxic, its her phd in the hatred of males that's her golden ticket. SO what will happen same thing every time you give women he right to vote without he "male privilege" of breaking the glass casket in drafts from their virtue signalling wars. Most women only vote for communism, they don't even know this, they have no zelf awarenss to recondize their own shity self induced patterns and conclutions.

Thomas Never says:

Natural rythm. The sinus curve is everywhere in nature, in our bodies and everything else. Every up is followed by a – completely natural – down. Just stay clear from greed and panic and you will be fine on the medium run. On the long run we are all dead anyways.

Derelect5 says:

The legacy market will go higher. Not on economic value, but on robust digital price control. History will show that it was always about the technology gone full fraudtard. The cryptos are now the market reconciling the value of the fraud. The CBs will attempt to manipulate the cryptos, but they must do it while participating in this market just like everyone else. These means they can't sell BTC that they don't own. They can only print money to drive spikes and selloffs to try and destroy sentiment. Don't bite. Buy the dips. Remember, the cryptos are the only free markets in the world today. Hang in there.

Arjen Smit says:

You should have left out the political part about wellfare spending.
You know wellfare spending in the US is nothing compared to europe.
You know it hasnt anything to do with market crashes.
Inserting that kind of stuff kind of discredits what you say.
Edit: oh i see the whole video went into unrelated stuff from there.

MaxZagar says:

As a comparison: If you build a 400 sqft sauna/shower/change area, and have the skills to build it your self. It will cost maximum 5000 USD, including roof, doors and windows and everything else. Canada like Finland does not lack land and wood. So whats wrong here ?

The prices are really ridiculously high.

James says:

The manipulator are predicting a crash. No shit

Mr Cut Folks says:

What's up with you? Is You tube hammering on you??

jhon doe says:

Deutche bank can't even keep their own books clean, euro trash have been saying the US will fall since ww1 and the opposite always happens

Ronald Buss says:

Our population is getting old, and they want what the capitalists and governments promised them decades ago. Our country has thrived on immigrants and an abundance of resources (including cheap labor.) Our economic system is not designed to handle people not being a wage slave. These are mostly the very young and to very old, and both are being forgotten by the very rich. We now have socialism for the wealthy, and capitalism for the poor. Some want to drive a stake through our heartland, and I don't mean Republicans or Democrats. The New World Financial Order is feeding on us, and we just sit and watch them suck as much blood from us as they can.

ctwatcher says:

Yet they still live? We are so easily manipulated, I wonder what they did behind us while we watched people drowning. Oh, and then the fires, earthquakes and fear of Yellowstone and Fukushima killing us. If all that happens we won't need money.

Rebecca Tillman says:

Yes, the welfare chart does explicitly express the evil men do when they fail to pay for their wives, their ex-wives and their own children adequately or at all.

Everett Padgett says:

This guy keeps wishing for a collapse. Look at his page. The Devil doesn't want you to prosper.

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