Did The Bitcoin Bubble Burst? 💣 What You Need To Know! 🔥🚑☠

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The cryptocurrency markets are all bleeding red today. Here’s what new investors need to know.


David Hay says:

Join me, Cryptobobby & Cryptobud next month in New York for the NAC3 Bitcoin & Blockchain Conference

chengqing xu says:

Thanks for your channels. They really help me a lot.

Travis Washmon says:

I'm taking the opportunity to reinvest… my question is this… can you review COLX? I'm building a position on it based on info from some friendvestors. Thoughts?


Special Sami says:

A lot of us new people who have no idea what we're doing.
When in doubt, just hodl.

Anto Miskovic says:

Hi David, could you tell us more about aelf blockchain. I see some ppl are calling it Linux of blockchain 😃

Crashdog111 says:

Great video. Thanks for all the tips.

Jeutex says:

What most people don't know yet is that China is making bitcoin and any alternative currency, forbidden. Read the news. They will arrest people and close business if they accept virtual money. Cryptocurrency will become an illegal underground money.

david Akerele says:

David what do you think about the CoinStarter ICO? Scam?

Gilles Benard says:

Hi David, some french guy is literally stealing your content!! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QtLj5kWlRzo&t=17s
Love your channel btw! 0x82f6cb9525b1AA129bD5007e64EB088a995675d0

Sep Bosma says:

Thanks David

Jan Paap says:

Thanks david for sharing your crypto experiences to us al. Keep up the good stuff

Choy Versus Gaming says:


RAHUL singh says:

i DID HODL. now all is up.

Flavury Best says:

Please research the coin COLX

Graphene says:

Spot on video. Only thing is, I hope people continue acting paranoid so as they sell, leading to coin price drop and giving others the opportunity to swoop in and HODL. Patience and playing the long game is where it's at.

Marthin Blom says:

Howzit going David? Just wanted to say that I really enjoy your videos in general, but this video is great! Good solid advice from a guy that knows much more about the crypto-world than us. Calm and collected! Exactly what we need in a time like this… Hahaha! 😍 0x19f360a2a423bc8d8c7a94d174ef12517cf5a1e5

ImJoeMalone says:

Hi David and the group.

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Eric Cartman says:

Somebody please help my broke ass out 🙂 1B9EELNUWPMCX5JmtNFLDa9LcgwPM827Wr

Ryan W says:

Solid advice. Always research to a point of comfort, and you won't mind the market swings.


Kermit Jones says:

This is NOT a market for Crypto Little, er, I mean Chicken Little!
Thanks for the awesome work, David.

Eth: 0x3bFAD891ce1213Cdd0d9050Ea35F90E86824613C

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