Did the Stock Market Crash Begin Today?

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Did The Market Crash Just Begin Today?

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With the big double-digit drops today across the NASDAQ, NYSE, and even the S&P 500, the downside may only now be starting.

We show you our opinions of how to know if the decline is for real, and if the stock market crash will accelerate. We also show you what to do about it, at www.PeterLeeds.com, to preserve your wealth, and profit from the financial and economic commotion.

There are many indicators which will show you if this tough market will finally correct, or if things will bounce back tomorrow.

Protect yourself from economic collapse, and learn which types of penny stock investments will soar for profits, and increase in share price despite the falling blue chip shares, and actually spike because of the negative issues.

Peter Leeds is the authority on penny stock trading, and can help you to benefit from the approaching economic turmoil.


Charles Wilson says:

Need to calibrate your mic.

Adam Sahr says:

The markets masters see a great opportunity in the USA vs. N Korea crisis… to press the reset button !!!

seeksjustice ingrantspass says:

Feb 11, 2016 was looking nice, those far on the correct side of fair value were finally getting back some of the unjust looses forced onto them, and then the massive manipulation came again, reversing the market, hardly a down day for the following 3-4 months and when brexit vote came, the market began to fall again and got swiftly manipulated up. it's killing me. it's killing America.

Mike Miller says:

You do about the step in and prop it up brothers that the government put in place ??? I have seen there work remember when it drop 1000 points and come back to normal in a few days

AnAmericanMan says:

NO the stock market crash did NOT begin today.

Doge Decoco says:

Who cares, I hope it burns in hell…I no longer have my money in the stock market

Kilo Dave says:

If it did it's a great opportunity to become wealthy

John Smith says:

thx 4 posting.

phillip morris says:

nobody sets it straight like peter! looking forward to the next videos, always

Najib says:

Your book said tops have an increasing ratio of lower closes vs higher closes. The S&P500 broke support. I used that to open a position on a Canadian Gold ETF TSE:XGD which looks like it's breaking out. I'm planning to average up on the gold miners I own. I'm planning on opening a position in a silver mining company soon.

Leo Castro says:

Good job, so what will happen to stocks? If they keep going down in value, should I still keep them and cut my losses or wait till they increase in value?

Joe M. says:

Normally, you'd be correct. However, early this morning I see the Plunge Protection Team is at work with a sudden attack on gold and bid in the stocks. Is this the point the selling can overwhelm them? The manipulation is ridiculous. We don't have real markets.

cogen651 says:

When people start realizing the FANG stocks are overvalued and everyone starts running for the door, that's when the market will crash.

elpaso Jeff says:

This was incredible
I don't think anyone has crammed so much actionable information into
16 minutes
Thank you

Yovani H. says:

I should start placing selling stop losses just in case

parkerbohnn says:

In a 100 percent rigged market in fast market conditions I'm just going to watch the round numbers on the DOW. 21,500, 21,000 20,500 and 20,000 because you just sit back knowing that on the next page in this story the ppt or the bankers or the Calvary will come in when the DOW just drops below one of those numbers. For me just being a day trader I only look for bias and with the change in the Presidency last November the only trade has been to day trade the volatility index at the close Wednesday for a day trade on Thursday. I told The Money GPS on youtube when he asked how do you know when the stock market will crash I told him to buy the TVIX or HVU on August 23rd at the close. That was about 10 days ago. August 23rd this month was the day I told him to short the market with the TVIX or HVU short term being the best way to play before the major players come back from the holidays. Like I told someone else on here have a stash of cash just in case we see a market meltdown and time it right buying up all the gold and silver as they drop 20 percent or so when all the margin calls hit on stocks.

Royce Jakob says:

Well said man. Time to cash out haha.

Cesar Sosa says:

Grest stuff! What software do you use to get all those chars like that?

brucemasson says:

Question: Has anything happened ? answer- NO. fake news and false flags?.. who knows. But until a "ACTUAL" Missile is launched, "IF and When" they do launch, that's when you go all cash / precious metals, The market will not go to zero in a day, all imo

Jan Valdez says:

Thank you Peter for the heads up. I've been waiting to pull the trigger. You rock!

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