Do I Think The SELLOFF Continues? Stock Market Dumps Hard After Melt-Up

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Let’s take a look to see if this stock market selloff is going to continue. I can’t predict the future, but I am able to follow what is going on the charts… Let the charts unravel the story for us… We try our best to stay on the right side of the trade.

Must watch livestream from this morning giving you perfect perceptive on Bitcoin, Gold, Silver & US dollar.

DISCLAIMER: These videos are for educational purposes only. Nothing in this video should be construed as financial advice or a recommendation to buy or sell any sort of security or investment. Consult with a professional financial adviser before making any financial decisions. Investing in general and options trading especially is risky and has the potential for one to lose most or all of their initial investment


Cory Senti says:

Thanks again JL. Always good stuff

Greg Dasso says:

So far this is a normal reversion to the mean. The timing (/NQ) can be seen in the inverse mirror symmetry from the spring low. There is a bullish bias as the target for the reset came close but failed to engage. Doesn't mean it can't try again, but the move back up was vigorous so I believe the worst is over. Good luck.

Samdxz2000 says:

How do you get these horizontal lines?!?!?

Albert Colon says:

I do agree with your analysis. Great job God bless!!

Miles says:

Hoping that these puts print nicely

Chess Dad says:

Escalator up. Elevator down.

Andrew Tsang says:

No stimulus checks, no Robinhood hype or buying. Professionals advise to take some profits. When everyone does that, who is buying?

Wordsofwisdom says:

The economy crash this year was horrifying hitting the stocks market really hard and leaving Investors with so much regret .. fortunately I was so luck to have sold my entire shares and invested in forex and Gold and am making 30% profit almost weekly thanks to my friend who introduced me to his stock manager and also I don't think I will be investing in stock next year

Tom Sawyer says:

i dont think it will crash before the election

Martin DePaula says:

"If your in a rush to make money, your going to lose money" I learned this the hard way. So true

mrpmj00 says:

Buy no brainer bullet proof cash rich companies: I bought Amazon, Apple, Nvda, Zoom, Facebook, Microsoft, Google, Wells Fargo,
Netflix, Lowe's

The stock market goes up in the long term
because it takes 2 steps forward for every 1 step backward.
Cash is trash, it loses to inflation.

There's a lot of money on the sidelines, and new 401K money

100% sure that the market will go up.
Think about it, who would lend out their money and accept risk yet not get a return?
If the Fed had not stepped in,
then every investor would rather keep their money and not lend it out,
which would crash the country and we'd have 100% unemployment.

Enduro Mom says:

We really needed a pull back would love to see it get near that lower channel in sp 500

Dolla Billz says:

Yup I think red 3 days in row going into Monday to smh o well buy more to grow my positions

sherlyn young says:

Yep, I told you guys last week that I trade with the Ichimoku cloud and that it was showing the market is going to crash…Next week even stronger….

Ben L says:

Sensible guy.

Casey John says:

Great video mate 👍

MRB says:

Jordan, surely that trendline at the bottom of the s&p channel becomes less relevant as time passes and the market moves away from it?

Shane Archer says:

Thank You Jordan, as per my comment before US open yesterday "interesting times"… :-)…
I am also keeping a small watch on the VIX..
I am not in any trades at this time… I also do not try and catch a falling knife, we have to let the trend present itself (either way)…
Just a reminder for people trading today that US and Canada are closed Monday for Labor Day.. Europe is open Monday but very thin calendar, and normally when the US is shut the trading flow is sporadic and possibly there could be a bit of risk off in the last hour today ahead of a long weekend..

John Damiani says:

I got into trading during quarantine in the last 5 months, with the little experience that i have i always make the mistake of FOMOing, Jordan has helped me a lot with that and it never seizes to amaze me that i learn smthn new every day from this guy.
Thank u Jordan 🌹

TheBooban says:

I haven’t seen TA right about anything in 2020. Not the time to attack isn’t very revealing.

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