Does Technical Analysis Help Traders in Gold, S&P + Crude Oil Asks Oscar Carboni? 10/31/2014 #1242

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Bidoucha bibicha says:

With all my respect, you vedio seems very helpful, but I can not see it because of you high voice and you speak very quicklu with high voice. it is not helpful like this, i hope you can make other vedios with slwely volume of your voice :)

abc abc (Benji) says:

Great job!

SinnNorth says:

Fantastic gold call. Wow, wish I had held it through double bottom. Amazing work as alway Oscar! 

shayan752000 says:

Oscar, Don't yo think we will have a market crash (or at least end of the bull market) soon? All major stock indices are double topping, also Gold seems to be bottoming. What is your idea?

Frank M says:

Fox has a political agenda. They don't take facts seriously.

Listentoyourmother says:

Bricker bracker fire-cracker, cis-boom-ba, Carboni ! Carboni! Ra-Ra-Rah!!!

paga yoyo says:

Nailed that bounce… Congrats Oscar and all Omniacs.   Applause, applause….  – tonypar9

Dan Tipton says:

Great Video!  good timing too! as we bust through 2000

Aidan Brooks says:

Oscar – credit where credit is due. You are a genius. Protected my wealth and helped me grow it. Thank you.

Pascal Hamel says:

Good work those past week O !


Congrets ! Oscar you are The  Master @ TA 

MrGregetz says:

GOTTA LOVE YOU BROTHER! The small bonsai money tree you have been planting and taking care of for a whole year has turned into a Golden Whale.I am shocked. Gold, indeces..everything, the planets have aligned themselves for this Halloween night. Dreams are allowed here. Pure charity calls, Oscar! Go on with your excellent job! Thank you!

brucemasson says:

Allen Greenspan say's to buy Gold. With that said, there is only one direction I can think the market will "EVENTUALLY" go.  When does the bubble burst? Who knows, But Allen knows something we all do not. just imo..

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