Does the market selloff mean the end for bull market?

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Nuveen Asset Management’s Bob Doll, FBN’s Charlie Gasparino and Washington Crossing senior portfolio manager Kevin Caron on why the stock market is selling off.


Edmund Singleton says:

Shouldn’t this American President be labering in the oval office, minding the store engaging in prevention of the current market sell-offs, instead of galloping about the country railing against the caravanning immigrants, and mob campaign rallying on behalf of some predicted losing Republican candidates?

rajandran beney says:

to me this system is shit. invest in china not america. their market is sound.uses figures rather lies from fed to cheat investers. they and trump will pay for it. there are a lot of masters on this trade who knows what is going to happen. the feds and trump has cheated the people. the people now talking are the people who know what is going to happen. how about the people who trusted trump and invested in america based on his words. disgusting.

cevaiom says:

Republicrats refuse to understand economics. Democrats and Republicans are now all communist fools that think the government can set prices, sustain inconceivable amounts of debt, and inflate the money supply with no repercussions.

richard alvarado says:

Bye Bye MAGA……..racists go back to your trailer parks, stealing copper and cooking meth again. Your joyride will be over and the ATF and DEA will deal with you from now on. Here's Neil Cavuto ( Your own Fox Business News GUY LOL!!!! )

Nor Cal** MexicanZ for Trump says:

It’ll go back up

Nor Cal** MexicanZ for Trump says:

It has China and democrats written all over it

Nor Cal** MexicanZ for Trump says:

It’s a set up

Mark Brand says:

Hee hee I had my portfolio in SPXU and gained 15% from this drop!

1000kings1 says:

Artificial low interest rates are the biggest way the rich get richer. Buy real estate at low prices and very little interest. Inexpensive long term investment not paying tax revenue until selling at a huge profit. If I were a millionaire I'd own half of

hardcorevideogames says:

If the economy is so good you ought to be able to raise interest rates from near zero.

Leslie Lorenzen says:

The media is constantly sensationalizing everything you can't listen to him we're going to cause people to freak out for no reason

Leslie Lorenzen says:

We need higher interest. You can't save money now. We are going to have Growing Pains

Leslie Lorenzen says:

The stock market is at 25000 points. Not 6000 points. They keep acting like we are in the they days George Bush one. When the stock market was one fifth the size it is now.
A correction would be more like 2500 points not 800.

CMDR Von Roerich says:

Bitcoin and Polymath.

Marton Steve says:


Jay M says:

Governments allowing banks to printing money out of thin air (in part to cover ever increasing gov debt)
creates market distortions that end badly with the price being paid by the average worker.

Fran Tackle says:

The dems are probably behind all this calling in having there informers sell to bring down the market, they will stop at nothing to hurt America and the only true Americans , trump 2020

fountleroy tinkertoy says:

traders make money doing trades. everyone is trading like crazy right now . working as intended . don't panic, everything is fine .

mkaberli says:

If the democrats regain control of the house and/or the senate, how do you think the markets will respond?

So Ho says:

God I hope so tired of people thinking they are smart

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