Don’t Fear The Fork: The Future of Bitcoin & Steem with Jeff Berwick on WAM

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Jeff is interviewed by Josh Sigurdson for World Alternative Media, topics include: the great volatility in the crypto markets, the upcoming fork issue, fear and greed rule the markets, bubble territory? the possibility for exponential gains, people struggle with paradigm shifts, the second coming of the internet, wall street taking notice, The Dollar Vigilante effect, Steem and excessive skepticism, Anarchapulco 2018!

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Joost MIT says:

Have a look at LISK
A application platform based on Javascript. A blockchain that CAN scale comparing to ethereum. They are launching there SDK this year. Price will go up big time.

michael x says:

isnt bitcoin part of the cashless society

Makaveli TV says:

18UKZK24z4PXgRaGQaiJf31WWWyFqkVHCx This is my Bitcoin adress . ı want to be DJ i need equipmet pls help me. Thank you

ReggaeWise says:

Steem Bitcoin promo video

ReggaeWise says:

PIVX next generation coin at the right price. Not overvalued like the others atm.

resource based economy says:

This was a really good interview. Great job

resource based economy says:

When you were bashing some critics and saying they live in their mom's basement, i posted a comment saying i was unsubscribing, which i did. But my brother's have sent me a couple more videos of you. And we watched your interviews on fox news. And i have decided to subscribe again

Charles Lee says:

I'll tell you whats wrong with alt coins the problem is there is a new one popping up on a daily basis, to an investor it doesn't build much confidence.

Rodrigo Alvarez says:

Oh, was it an interview? I thought it was just Jeff Berwick just listening to this guy.

Mac Smith says:

nice infomercial

Lingo Boltz says:

Steemit has massive design issues. If it doesn't make massive changes, it won't become anything. If it makes the requisite changes, it could become massive

Michael Klein says:

well I guess I am not one of those 'older' people. I am currently reading, watching Jeff YouTube videos and others on Bitcoin. I am convinced it is the future currency and I am looking at how i set it up on 3 of my websites to make money from Bitcoin versus 'dollars'

Francisco Ribeiro says:

I just had to stop the video after 6min… i have low tolerance to BS, im gonna go vomit and ill be right back ( i wont )

Trish Adam says:

Just had to tell you guys. I'm 62 and I got my kids into cryptos lol. I couldn't figure out how to get in ICOs and begged their help. Now they are all invested!

Riccardo Stella says:

look into iota! 0 fees, infinitely scalable, no miners, unforkable, etc

mm ix says:

What happens if thy just pull the plug on the internet?

Luke Brackstone says:

100x your investment? Hmp coin gunna go up steadily, It has now got a fairly large community behind it chc coin= hmp coin, if you missed out on CHAIN COIN you don't want to miss out on Hmp coin 100x is the goal

Cashflows crypt says:

@jeff berwicks, pls bless me with little out of the abundance you have. I been watching you channels for a while now and I want to start investing, I am a poor guy trying to make things work. Other people can help too. Thanks in advance. BTC Wallet: 32ioFBC5kqU6zaAMjFR2M6jtyNgf6NeG6z

Earnest Funship says:

Fuck Steemit. It is a compromised concept run by a shady family. I'm not gonna touch it.

Che Satochi says:

This an awesome interview, very inspirational video.

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