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It’s getting real … I’m on fire today! I’m throwing books, answering your questions … and hopefully educating you on how to be a better trader. Don’t miss this video.

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Watch out — things are about to get real!

In this video, I’m throwing stuff, I’m educating, and I’m ready to help you become the best trader you can be. Don’t miss it.

Here, I’m presenting alongside my friend and trading peer Tim Bohen. He’s been trading for years. And he’s the lead trainer at StocksToTrade … he knows his stuff.

He’s moderating a Q&A session where traders ask me some really important questions, like…

When should you buy a stock based on news?

I’ll tell you how to start figuring out whether a stock is worth buying based on the news. I’ll give you an awesome example that comes back over and over with penny stocks. It’s a way you can potentially piggyback off big-time investors.

You won’t believe how simple this setup is. And it could possibly create runs that affect the stock’s price for days. This is just one example of how to be a smarter trader and take advantage of informational inefficiencies.

Another great question: how can you maximize a trade using leverage?

Whoa … now that’s a hot topic. You probably know I hate leverage. Spoiler: I’ll never say you should embrace it — especially if you trade with a small account.

But I have good news, too. I’ll tell you how the beauty of penny stocks is that you CAN find great trades even with a small account … And if you find the right opportunities, you can find stocks that experience massive growth.

As a trader, you’ve got to be selective. You should never go all in on your trades. But there are times when you can take action to maximize a trade.

I’ll tell you some actionable tips for how to maximize trades intelligently … with your own account.

You gotta figure out your own methods. But I’ll share some tips for when I know to be more aggressive and when to stay conservative.

And as Bohen adds, don’t dismiss how rapidly a small account can grow with small wins.

These are just a few of the questions I answer today. Don’t miss these awesome questions and my answers … You’ve probably wondered about them, and I’m not shy about telling you the truth.

I want to hear from you … Is this Q&A session helpful for you? Why or why not? Comment below!

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Timothy Sykes says:

🔴 Check out StocksToTrade Pro!

I want to hear from you … Is this Q&A session helpful for you? Why or why not? Comment below!

NeW758 says:

Is $1000 is a good to start?

Lee Thomas Trades says:

Hahaha tim is awesome!

JC Trade says:

Thank you for this video Tim!!

Ray Pol says:

I will be “More Than Happy” to make 5K’s in a day even if is only a couple of times a week. So many people don’t even realize how their life could be so much better with that kind of income and the freedom to be doing that by yourself. Greed is a blinding condition!

Suhwateeze A. says:

Love these Tim.

Jesus Rodriguez says:

Thank you for been such and inspiration 😭TIM, May god bless you 🙏🏻

Mateus Lima says:

Tim do you need level 2 for otc stocks???

neran daraiseh says:

Thanks for sharing this Q&A video! I'm curious what book are you throwing? I'd like to get one 😍

Michelle Mosley says:

Your detailed description about when to get into a trade vs chasing may have helped me partially figure out why one of my trades failed. Now I just need to go back and apply your Trading Checklist. If those tools combined don't give me the answer, then I'll bother you with that question.

Julio Corona says:

This Q and A was very helpful to my trading knowledge that I'm trying to gather, especially the news answer and chasing a trade. Thankyou

John Rock says:

Also tim I wanted to know how do you have good entry and exit . Like when i trade the stock seems like its going up and 2 or 3 bars later it goes down and I cut loss quick . But then later on the stock keep going up and I miss my opportunity 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️

John Rock says:

Man this video is tooo good 🤣🤣🤣🤣

Pete J. Dunn says:

Tim is the trading king!!!! I am inspired by his channel. Tim inspires me to continue my own YouTube channel on Finance and Investing.

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