DON’T Trade Penny Stocks!

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Stay away from penny stocks. Sure you might have a nice win every once in a while, but I’m almost certain you will lose money if you trade them. Stick to something with less manipulation and more liquidity like NUGT if you want to give yourself better odds at surviving in this market. Good luck.


Ron Johnson says:

What about the $25000 required to be classified as a day trader?

Drew dordan says:

is this the interface that is stock with TD Ameritrade? thought you used to use eTrade pro. which one do you recommend

simon says:

@jamoy grant wich traders do you follow except for austin and the traders on

jamoy grant says:

if penny stock is so bad how so many people is making millions from them using Timothy Sykes strategy

Ian Watteau says:

Good video. Most of the traders I follow are doing trades with stocks above 5 dollars or even 10.

Simon Cranskens says:

I personally like to trade penny stocks just because they are so volitale. And this is a failed morning spike so this was a perfect and predictable short. But I don't want to say or something. This is just my personal opinion.

Michael Davis says:

great video Austin, I have learned so much from you and your strategies.

Kyle 26 says:

would have to agree I've been burned from the pennies but soothed by the dollars

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